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Friday, November 22nd, 2019Mike Bickle

The Accuser


Welcome to God Today.  I so appreciate the God TV leadership team for providing this on a daily basis for the people of the Body of Christ around the nations.  Thank you, God TV! My name is Mike Bickle, I am from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. We do 24/7 prayer and worship for 18+ years now.


One of the things that people ask me is, “How do you guys stay motivated to do this?”  We have some 100s on our staff and we are mobilized around the clock. We are weak and broken people like everywhere. In the grace of God, we’re strong, but in our humanity, we are broken.  One of the things we deal with commonly, and you do – everyone does. When the devil accuses us when the devil highlights our failure and tries to get us to cower and drawback in shame – that is one of his absolute most tried and proven strategies.  He has been so successful at it, he is so consistent at accusing us, that out of Revelation 12:22, he is called “the accuser”.

He accuses night and day.  He tries to get us to relate to God based on how well we’ve done, who we are, and what our track record is.  Who we are in the... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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