Staying In God’s Will

Sunday, December 8th, 2019

God is going to make sure He keeps His end of the bargain. Somehow, some way, He is going to direct your paths.
Joseph Mattera


Hi, this is Joseph Mattera of Mattera Ministries International.  Welcome to God Today. I am so excited to tell you it has been over 40 years now that I gave my life to the Lord, Jesus Christ.  That was the beginning of the most incredible, adventurous, exciting journey one can ever imagine. I never thought in a million years I would ever become a Christ-follower.  But, on January 10, 1978, as a professional rock musician, someone on my way to making it big in music, I found Jesus. I found He is the only way, the only Truth, and the only Life.  He is the only one who gave me peace.


For a period of time, I walked away from my music career.  Without further ado, without getting into the whole story, Jesus became so real to me.  I found I could learn how to walk in His ways and walk in His will. After you give your life to Christ, it doesn’t mean all your challenges are over and all your problems are gone.  It doesn’t mean everything is going to be easy. I had to discover how to continue to walk in God’s will. There were several things I had to do.

I had to try and consistently read His word.  Second, I had to consistently be in fellowship with other Christians who could encourage and keep me in the faith.  I had to find a church that preached the Gospel. I had to learn to walk with God in an everyday way. Not in a religious way, not just when I was in church.  Not just when I was saying “hallelujah and amen”, not just when I felt on top of the world. The Bible tells us to acknowledge Him in all our ways. Not just two hours on a Sunday – in all our ways acknowledge Him.  Sometimes that means just hitting Him up with a quick prayer. It just means having a friendship with Him. It means that it is a part of our everyday life, just walking with God. I acknowledge Him in all my ways. Not just when I am doing good, not just when I am in church.  It says, “He will direct my path.”

I found even when I wasn’t on the top of my game, even when I wasn’t as on fire and as strong as other times in my life, because I acknowledged Him even in my weakness, He directed my path.  He brought people my way to encourage me. He may have even would give me a word in my spirit to give me wisdom on what to do. He even gave me a Bible verse right at that moment. As I acknowledge God, and as you acknowledge God in all your ways, God is going to make sure He keeps His end of the bargain.  Somehow, someway, He is going to direct your paths.