Adopted Into God’s Family

Friday, December 20th, 2019

We are adopted as sons and daughters of God, our Father in Heaven...we have unrestricted access to the Father. We can run to Him at any time.
Matthew Bell


Hey, everyone. Welcome to God Today.  My name is Matthew Bell. I am an author, speaker, and entrepreneur.  Today I want to share with you something that I pray is really going to bless your day.  I want to talk to you about something really powerful today and start with simply this: you have been adopted into God’s family.  That is right. Whether you realize it or not, God chose you.


In Romans 8:15, the Bible says this: “For you did not receive the spirit of bondage into fear, but you received the spirit of adoption for whom we cry out, ‘Abba, Father.’”  That is one of my favorite Bible verses. You know, if you were to offer a very simple summary of Biblical history, it could be described as simply this: God created man in His image.  Man’s simple purpose was to tend the garden and have dominion over all creation. Man sinned and was separated from God through his sin. God, having compassion on man, sent His only son, Jesus, to die for man’s sin.  And redeem man to the Father.


We have been adopted as sons and daughters of God.  Because of God’s grace and love through accepting Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, we now have the ability to cry out to God as Abba Father.  The word “Abba” is an intimate reference to the word Father. It can be likened to that of Daddy or Papa. An intimate term of endearment that a young child might naturally refer to his father.  We are no longer slaves to sin or fear. We have been adopted by God the Father. This is made possible through the blood of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. We have been cleansed from the sin that separated us from the Father.  We are no longer called sinners. We are called sons and daughters of God. As sons and daughters, adopted by God the Father, we have access to all the things of Heaven. Just as a child has access to the things of his earthly father. A child can call his earthly Father’s name in their home and his father will respond.  A child can run into his earthly father’s office and jump on his lap, without an appointment, and instantly receive the embrace and love of His father.


As sons and daughters of God the Father, we have that same access to God and all of Heaven.  We can cry out to God, “Abba, Father”, and the Lord hears all of our cries and prayers. You might be thinking, “Well, why does this matter for life as an entrepreneur or business person? Or simply life in general?”  Let me tell you this. It matters greatly. Have you ever felt concern, fear, or anxiety when it comes to matters of business, decisions, or things in general? I certainly have. In the business world, which is where I spend most of my time, if you are doing a big sales pitch, or working on a major deal that can affect the outcome of your business, it can be an all-consuming effort.  Fear is often lurking around the corner or waiting to pounce on your weaknesses and cripple you in your ability to be effective. But as the Apostle Paul writes in Romans 8:15, we have not been given a spirit of fear. We have been given a spirit of adoption. We are adopted as sons and daughters of God, our Father in Heaven.


Through this spirit of adoption, we have unrestricted access to the Father.  We can run to Him at any time and cry out, “Daddy, I need your help.” You know what?  He will always be there to provide love, support, strength, and encouragement like any loving father would.  Let’s think about that for a moment. That is powerful. Now that you are armed with a greater revelation of your access to God the Father, and knowing that you have been adopted by the Father as His son or daughter, fear has no place in your life.  I declare this over you today in the mighty name of Jesus.  


Now, what will you set out to do now that fear has been removed from your life?  That is my challenge to you today. Let’s pray together. Abba Father, thank you for adopting us as your children and casting fear out of our lives.  Thank you for giving us full access to the things of Heaven. I aks you would take us deeper into our understanding of what it means to be your son or daughter.  Show us what it means to live a life without fear as a child of God. Have a blessed and powerful day.