Walk Through The Door

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

He will hold the door open as long as it needs to be open until He lets it go.
Robert Lightfoot


Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Lightfoot, Executive Director at Victory Health Partners in Mobile, AL, and welcome to God Today. I was going to work one morning, and I was reared in the South, and my mom taught me to open doors for women.  As one of my associates was walking in, I opened the door for her and I think God showed me something. She instinctively put her hand up to brace the door to make sure it didn’t close on her. We all do it. We all put it up – we just don’t trust the door is going to stay open.  

The Lord spoke to my spirit and He said, “That’s what my people do.  I open the door, I hold it open and they put their hand up because they can’t trust it is going to stay open.  I believe what God wants to speak to us during this time, now, is “Yes”. He can be trusted and only He can be trusted,  He’s opened the door. He’s holding the door open. He will hold the door open as long as it needs to be open until He lets it go and closes it.  Just walk through the door. That’s what He’s asking us right now – every one of us – to just walk through the door. He’s got it, He can be trusted.

Let me pray before I go, as I ask the Lord to reveal to us the doors that He’s opened.  We thank you, Father, that you have kept them open for us and you will keep them open for us.  There’s no need for us to not trust you in that. And Lord, I pray that people today will walk through those doors – each door that God has for us.  In the mighty name of Jesus. Thank You.