Just Say Yes

Monday, January 13th, 2020

God waits for your answer to move.  He just needs your ‘yes’, He doesn’t need you to figure it out.
Joe Manno


Hi, I’m Joe Manno, and I’m the pastor of Orlando Family Church in Orlando, Florida.  Welcome to God Today. I wanted to just talk to you really quick about something. You know, sometimes you wake up, and you feel like, “Nothing’s making sense to me.”  And I just wanted to share the funniest thing ever – God is never going to make sense to you. That’s why He’s God. If we could figure Him out then we’d be God. We just feel like if we don’t understand God then He’s not hanging with us and He’s not going to do anything with us.  And I liken that to Mary and Zechariah. It’s amazing. Can you imagine this 14-year-old girl hanging out in her backyard? Then all of a sudden a massive – not just any angel – Gabriel shows up. Gabriel is like, “Hey, you’re going to carry the son of God”. And she’s like, “Hey, wait a second, I don’t know man.” And he says, “You don’t need to know man.  You just need to know the Holy Spirit.”  


That’s my paraphrase of that, and I sat there and I thought, “Whoa, that rocks my world.”  Because I don’t have to understand God, I just have to say ‘yes’ to God. When the angel told Mary that the Holy Spirit is going to overshadow you, the Most High is going to overshadow you then you will be carrying the Son of God and she said, “Let it be as you say.”  And then the angel left because this is amazing. The angel waits, he waits for your answer. God waits for your answer to move. He just needs your ‘yes’, He doesn’t need you to figure it out.

Then Zechariah, on the other hand, he’s old, his wife is old.   They can’t have any babies. Then his wife is like, “Hey you know what? We need to have a kid and you know we can’t have a kid.”  He’s in the temple one day and the angel comes to him. And the angel says, “You’re going to have a son and his name is going to be John.”  John the Baptist is who we are talking about. And he’s like, “Wait a minute. I don’t get it. How could that be?” The angel was like, “Whoa.  I just came from the throne of God. You’re trying to figure God out. You’re not going to agree with me because you’re trying to make sense of it.”  And then the angel just silenced his lips. God silenced Zechariah until John the Baptist was born. Not because He was mad at him he just didn’t need Zechariah to speak the wrong things into what God was planning for John the Baptist.

You need to just wake up in the morning and not go, “Hey, wait a minute, I have to figure God out before I move”.  You need to wake up in the morning and say, “I’m moving and on my journey, you’ll meet me. So yes, God, whatever you need today.  Here I am, let’s get busy with life. Because as long as you’re driving I’m going to sit in that passenger seat.” Put your seatbelt on and just sit back and trust Him.  On this day just say “yes”, He’ll do the rest.