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Wednesday, January 29th, 2020Chris Overstreet

Only Believe


Hi, my name is Chris Overstreet with Bethel Church and Compassion Action and you’re watching God Today. I want to talk to you about just believing in Jesus Christ.  The Bible says in Mark 16, “These signs will follow those who believe.”  Notice God wants to use the believers to do incredible things for Him. I remember being at this church and we were in worship and we are worshipping Jesus and the Lord begins to speak to me about leaving the church to go to an apartment complex.  Now, I was in Georgia, so I didn’t know about this apartment complex too well, but it was behind the church.

God began to speak to me.  He said, “Chris, I want you to leave and I want you to pray for someone at a certain door.”  So I asked one of the pastors there. I said, “Would you excuse me, I actually have to leave to go talk to someone at this apartment door.”  She was a former school of ministry student of ours and I explained to her, “I need to leave. I need to obey God. I need to believe He is speaking to me and I need to obey His voice.”  

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