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Monday, February 10th, 2020Randy Needham



Hi, I’m pastor Randy Needham of Dwelling Place Church in Houston, Texas.  Welcome to God Today. I want to talk to you about asking God for anything.  You know, Jesus said in John chapter 15, “If my words abide in you and you abide in me, you can ask for anything and it will be done for you.”  What an amazing promise for God and how that makes us supernatural people. I just want to really encourage you that you can ask God for the unlimited, everything He promised you in His word. 


But, He said it’s very important that you abide. “If you abide in me.”  It comes out of fellowship. It comes out of daily walking with God. It’s not just church once a week.  It’s walking with God all the time, 24/7. Let your thoughts be on Him and He’ll put in your heart. He says, “If you abide in me.”  That’s really important because when you abide in Him He starts putting things in your heart and He starts saying, “Ask me. Ask me. Believe me.”  He will cause you to have promises in your heart.  

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