Double Portion Anointing

Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Ministry, and seeking the Kingdom, and promoting the Kingdom is about having an attitude and a heart of servanthood.
Joshua Gay


Hi, I am Joshua Gay.  I am the Pastor of High Praise Orlando.  I am so glad you are watching God Today. I want to share with you for a minute out of my heart.  In life, I have found, especially with people in my generation, there is really a desire and a zeal to have a double portion anointing, to walk in the authority God has for us.  With that, I have also seen that there are a lot of people that don’t understand that in order to receive a double portion anointing, you must first go on a double portion journey.


We see this really in the life of Elisha.  We know that Elisha receives a double portion of the mantle and the anointing that was on Elijah.  As a matter of fact, Elisha literally wears the mantle that Elijah once wore. What we fail to realize a lot of times is that there is a long period of time between the time that Elisha is called in 1 Kings 19.  And then the time that Elijah is taken up and the mantle falls to Elisha later on. And there is a period there where Elisha does one thing: he serves. As a matter of fact, in that period of time, the only thing we know about Elisha is that later on, people would say, “Is this the one that poured water on the hands of Elijah?”  For years, Elisha served as the waterboy for the prophet Elijah. Understand it is that pursuit, it is that servanthood attitude, it is that disposition to serve someone else that is one of the things that qualifies him to receive of that double portion mantle. 


So for today, for everyone crying out, “Lord, I want a double portion anointing, a double portion mantle of what you are doing within the Earth today through great men and women of God.”  The greatest way to do that is 1) have a relationship with Jesus. To pray, to read the Word.  

2) Get involved and serve.  Serve men and women of God who are in places of authority and leadership now.  Get in your local church and find somewhere you can serve. Just be faithful where you are at.  Whenever you are faithful, God will honor that. He will release a double portion mantle, a double portion anointing upon your life in such an incredible manner.


I haven’t always been someone sitting in front of the camera.  For years, I was someone who sat behind the camera and I just served where I could.  I just was willing to do whatever needed to be done at any moment. You have to live with what I call “living with the spirit of YES”.  Whenever someone in a place of spiritual authority, when a pastor, when a leader comes to you and they ask you to do something, as long as it is not anti-Biblical, as long as it is not immoral, as long as it is not illegal, my answer is yes.  I believe that is God opening up a door for me to serve. Whenever there were opportunities, “Hey, we need you to work a camera.” “Yes, I can do that.” “Hey, we need you to work in the Children’s Ministry.” “Yes, I can do that.” Before I ever preached a message, before I ever laid hands on people in the front of an auditorium, I was faithful in the places that God put before me, in the places that opened up.  Let me just encourage you that the Lord sees all of those things. All those places where you are being faithful. All the places you are serving. God sees those and He is a rewarder in those situations. If nobody else sees your faithfulness, if nobody else recognizes what you are doing, God sees it.


Let me encourage you.  Don’t ever get an attitude that you are too big for something, that you are too good for something.  Ministry, and seeking the Kingdom, and promoting the Kingdom is about having an attitude and a heart of servanthood.  Let me encourage you. Have that sonship heart, that sonship perspective. Whenever you do, God will release a double portion mantle upon your life.  Let me just pray for you this morning, before we go. Father, I thank you, right now, for those that are watching. I thank you for those that are watching this all over the world.  Lord, we thank you that you will give them an attitude of servanthood. Father, we thank you any place where we have had a prideful heart or a prideful spirit, Lord we repent of that.  We thank you, Lord, that you will give us an attitude to serve. And Lord, we thank you we will say yes when the opportunity arises to serve you, to serve your Kingdom, and to serve your Church.   We thank you, Lord, that even as we do that you will be faithful to release a double portion mantle upon our lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Keep pursuing and you will receive the double portion mantle upon your life.  I am Joshua Gay. This has been God Today.