Save My Unsaved

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

Let Him speak to you, let Him give you wisdom.  He is going to use you in the powerful story of their salvation through Jesus Christ.
Ben Fitzgerald


Hi, my name is Ben Fitzgerald.  Welcome to God Today. Today I want to talk to you in a very simple way about something so profoundly powerful.  It is almost forgotten sometimes in the body of Christ. There is a particular group of people that never forget it: it is praying moms.  I had one of those, a little, bitty praying mom. I’ll tell you what, she was so powerful, I was terrified of her when I wasn’t saved. I would rather have a terrorist organization against me than a praying mom.


She was amazing, she never let go like a dog with a bone.  She would be on her knees saying, “God, you must save him.”  I want to give you some simple keys to how you can do the same thing for your family.  I do this in my own life, and I saw my brother very powerfully saved when he was far from God, simply by praying for him.


The first thing is, Jesus said to us in Matthew 18, He said, “Whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven.”  We have authority in prayer. He is saying, “Whatever you speak about and declare in faith, I am actually going to do something in Heaven with it.”  And He is saying, “Whatever you loose on Earth, is the same, will be loosed in Heaven.”


Whenever I got this revelation, I realized my unsaved brother, he was really far from God, my unsaved brother, it wasn’t a question of whether I could preach his ear off, or get him to turn, or how can I save him?  These are all good things I could have done. I realized I had a lot more authority in the realm of the Spirit for God to bump into him and create situations that I never knew I had. I started to pray for him consistently.  And I put him on my phone, because I know I am a distracted man. I have a lot going on. But, I put a picture of my brother on my phone. I said, “God, I thank you for him.” Every time I looked at him, for 10 seconds, I would say it with faith.  I would say, “I bind him to the cross of Calvary. Get my brother, get Sam, Jesus.” Then again, 2-3 hours later, a text message would come and I’d do the same thing.


My heart really began to open for my brother at this time.  It was like I saw two things. I saw the love of God, I felt this intense love growing for my brother, but I also saw his lostness.  I wasn’t just with this haze of familiarity that I had before. Like, “He is my brother, it will work out for him.” We need to be careful not to have that.  We need to realize if someone, even if they are our family, is away from God, they are away from God. They are in trouble, and they need to be with the Lord.


I began to see that my prayers were powerful. Jesus gave me the authority to do so.  I want to encourage you to do that simple thing today. Begin to pray, bind that person to the cross.  Put a picture on your phone, maybe you want to write with a sharpie on the mirror of your bathroom. Just after you brush your teeth, you spit out your toothpaste just say, “Lord, I thank you for my unsaved sister, thank you for Marie, thank you for Sarah, I bind her, Jesus to your cross.  I loose the Kingdom of God into her world. I pray other believers, situations would come where she bumps into you.” I did this for my brother and consequently, he became powerfully born again. He actually ended up becoming a pastor much to God’s delight and to mine as well. Guys, today I encourage you.  Think about someone in your family and friends. Someone close to you who doesn’t know the Lord. Don’t take in an unhealthy burden where you think you need to save them. But do take on the burden and the heart of God. Pray for them daily, place them before God’s throne. Let Him speak to you, let Him give you wisdom.  He is going to use you in the powerful story of their salvation through Jesus Christ. I love you guys, I hope you have an amazing day. Thanks for being with us on God Today.