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Wednesday, March 18th, 2020Robert Gay

Rooted In Promise


Hello, my name is Robert Gay and I am the Pastor of High Praise Panama City and this is God today. I am so glad to be with you and I believe there are some things I am going to share with you that are going to help you as a believer.  I believe they are going to encourage you to receive the fullness of everything God has for you.


I want to share some things today, actually, about living your life rooted in the promise of God.  The Bible says that through the promises of God we are actually made partakers of the divine nature.  As a matter of fact, the way we are saved is through the belief in the promise of God and in acting upon what God is actually said and the promise of salvation.


We read in the Bible that Abraham was a man who received a promise from the Lord.  And God actually said, “I will make you a father of many nations.” As a matter of fact, He actually called him a father of many nations before he even had a child.  As a matter of fact, God actually changed his name from Abram to Abraham. Abram is, of course,... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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