God Loves People

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Those who sow in tears will reap a great harvest for the glory of God.
Bob Weiner


Hey, this is Bob Weiner, Weiner Ministries International and this is God Today. I’m so excited to tell you about how God loves people.  God loves the lost, God loves those who feel lonely and far away from Him. It’s amazing. Jesus had compassion – He wept over the sinners. 

One day I am weeping as I’m driving down the road.  It’s amazing. I go into the University of Kentucky to preach the gospel. I’ve been weeping for three hours as I’m getting ready to go into the meeting. There’s all these university fraternity and sorority kids. Here’s this one guy who walks into the middle of my meeting and sits down in front of me. He’s got no shoes on, white robe – it’s amazing.  This was an invitation-only meeting and he walked in. He’s manifesting, he’s about to go crazy in my meeting. I said, “Lord, what should I do?” He said, “This young man is the reason I gave you those three hours of tears all the way up, as you drove up here.” He said, “This young man is a chosen vessel of mine. Don’t reject him.” 


At the end of the meeting I went up to him and talked to him.  This kid was in a cult in a white robe, walking across America at the university.   I said, “Young man, let me talk to you, let me pray for you.” He was so crazy he couldn’t even say a word hardly.  I said, “You come back tomorrow night and Jesus will set you free.” He came back. I led him to the Lord. Got him in my congregation there at the University of Kentucky.  


Six years later I’m needing a Harvard director. I need a director for Harvard University. I called all my congregations, “Who has got someone who can go to Harvard and be our leader?”  He said, “We have the person. You have to come down and see it for yourself.”

I come down and I get introduced to this young man.  They said, “You don’t know who this guy is, do you?” I said, “No.”  They said, “This is the young man you led to the Lord at the University of Kentucky six years ago.  He got his master’s degree, He’s our best leader.” That young man went back to Harvard University with a team.  Hundreds of students were saved. It was an amazing revival that we had there. Today this young man is one of the key associate pastors at Gateway Church here in Dallas, that is sending leaders all over the world for the glory of God. 

Think about what God can do if you’ll just have compassion if you’ll weep for the lost.  Those who sow in tears will reap a great harvest for the glory of God. Lord, we pray for supernatural compassion.  Lord, that we will understand that you came to seek and to save the lost. That our purpose on this Earth is not for ourselves.  That we die to self and we take up our cross and we follow you. And we say, Lord, use us every day to look for those lost young people that are out there.  You said you came to seek and to save the lost. That’s why we’re here. Lord, we want to see these lost sheep come back into the fold for your glory and for your honor.  In Jesus’ name Amen.