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Wednesday, March 25th, 2020Joseph Payne



Hello, this is Joseph Payne and welcome to God Today. I was thinking of something; I was reading through Acts, and the first time that Paul met Timothy, he decided to do something because of his history, and you can go back and read that if you like. But he decided to circumcise Timothy. And Timothy was willing to be circumcised.


And immediately a flush of repentance came over me and I began to think about the people who are older, and the opinions that we have of the millennial generation: those that are in God and those that are out of God. And we look at them with the tattoos, and the piercings, and the ink and all the different things that they do to their body. And just thinking if they could reach into the things of God with the passion; the same passion that led them to do this. We’re talking about people that once were afraid of needles, but yet, will stand there and let someone put a cross or other things on their arm. That same passion, that same desire.

As I sit back, I think about a room full of older people, 40 or 50 years older, and I ask them who would want to be circumcised for the power of God. And I would think right now that very few of us would raise our hands. We need that energy. We need the energy of the millennials. We need that power, we need that passion. So when we look at them and when we see them. We need to change and begin to see young Timothys. Young Timothys throughout the nations that can be transformed into people who work and lead and go out and preach the gospel to all the nations. In Jesus’ name, we pray.