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Monday, March 30th, 2020Kellie Copeland



Hey, I’m Kellie Copeland from Kenneth Copeland Ministries and I want to welcome you to God Today. I want to encourage you today with Matthew 6.  You know, Jesus was talking, He had just delivered this great message, what we know as “The Beatitudes”. He had talked to them about, “Hey, you’ve heard this about what God says about you, but I’m telling you this.”  And He’s telling them about how to live the way God wants us to live. Then He starts talking about what’s important to people’s lives and that is, “How do I live? How am I going to live, how am I going to eat? How am I going to drink? What am I going to wear?”


We all spend a lot of time thinking about those things.  We go to work 37.5 hours a week for those very things if that’s what we live our lives for.  I want to read to you what Jesus says about it. He says, “You can’t serve money and God.” Now, that doesn’t mean you just go home and do nothing.  We all know you need to work. When you work, what you do, you can do that as unto the Lord. You can serve Him with your everyday life. Why do you go... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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