Psalm 91

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Do not be upset if you have trouble...don't give up, stand, proclaim, and pray.
Jack van der Tang


Welcome!  My name is Jack van der Tang from The Hague Netherlands.  Welcome to God Today. Today I want to share about Psalm 91.  It seems a little bit boring, but it is such a famous psalm. There is so much in the psalm that people don’t know.  For example, who has written this psalm? You don’t know, maybe you think. But Psalm 90 was written by Moses and in Jewish tradition, Psalm 91 is written, also, by Moses.  There is no doubt in the Jewish tradition that this Moses.


Also, the commentaries are telling that Moses has written this when he was going on the top of the mountain on Sinai to receive the two tablets, the 10 words, the 10 Commandments.  There are demons on the mountain who try to attack him, to try and get him so he does not reach the top. Then he was proclaiming this psalm. Isn’t that interesting? This is in Judaism, the teaching about Psalm 91, about spiritual warfare.  This is so important that Moses is proclaiming this on the way to get the Word of the Lord.


For me, this psalm is also very important.  I am also proclaiming, every morning, together with my wife, for ourselves, proclaiming and our children, this psalm.  Every morning, before we go out, we are proclaiming psalm 91. Does it mean that with Psalm 91 means that nothing is going to happen?  No. That is not the Word. You know, in verse 15, there is, “I will be with him in trouble and I will deliver him and honor him.” So it means that in a time of trouble, let’s be honest, it is not always glory and sunshine.  We always have our problems at times. Then the Lord said, “I will be with you in the times of trouble.”


I remember in 2019 when I was just restored from an attack on my life, I was going on my bike to the center, to pray there.  To anoint some doors to be opened. But I was hit by a car, on my bike, over the bars, on the ground. I was thinking, “This is the end of my life.”  It didn’t happen. The car stopped on time and I was really safe from it. That evening, when I came home, I was really very sad and I could cry. I said, “Lord, this is again an attack on my life.  When is it going to stop?” My wife said, “What is this then? What is it? Is it a waste of time to proclaim Psalm 91 every day?” I said, “No. Imagine that we did not proclaim it. Then it could be that this car had driven over me and I had been killed.”  For me, the test is always, “Trust the Lord, pray for protection. If you don’t pray what will happen if you do have an accident?” Because now He was with me in a time of trouble.


Do not be upset if you have trouble.  Sometimes, be honored that you can have all this for Yeshua who has given His life for us. This is my lesson: don’t give up, stand, proclaim, and pray.  This is Jack van der Tang for God Today.