Reason The Great Treason

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Hang your life on the millions of thoughts God has had about you for years.
Ben Fitzgerald


Hey guys, Ben Fitzgerald here again, welcome to God Today.  Today is an interesting subject, in this short video, I want to talk to you about “Reason The Great Treason”.  I know it sounds funny and it rhymes, and you’re like, “What does it mean?” I mean reasoning in our heads when we sometimes reason away the voice of the Holy Spirit.


I’ll explain to you what I mean.  You know when you’re walking down the street, or you’re at the gas station or somewhere, and the Holy Spirit gently says in your heart, “Stop that person, talk to that person.  All of a sudden you’re like, “Which person?” And you look at her on the side and He’s like, “That person in the red.” And God is gently speaking. And you’re like, “Which one? And all of a sudden she walks past and you’re like, “Oh, it’s too late now, God.”  We’ve all done that many, many times.


What we are doing in that time, is we are reasoning, “Is this God?  Isn’t it God?” Often we are doing that because, simply, we are afraid of what that person is thinking of us.  We are not sure what the outcome of us stopping and saying, “Jesus loves you,” is going to be. So we don’t do anything, we don’t say anything to them.  We prefer to reason it away and actually create treason against the voice of God. Now it isn’t treason in a serious manner, but actually it is. Because we don’t know the person’s destination.  We don’t know if their soul is days away from death. We don’t know any of those things. But God knows.  


There is a reason why God is speaking to us to speak to people.  It is very simple. His love inside of us wants to get out. He doesn’t want to be imprisoned here.  He wants to love people through our lives. Actually, it says very clearly in the book of Proverbs, “The one who wins souls, and says yes to God to do those things is a wise person.”  To be wise in life is not just to think about what every outcome is going to look like. To be wise is to follow God’s voice. So don’t reason away God’s voice anymore. If you sense something in your heart, who cares what fear says.  Who cares what anyone thinks of you. They didn’t create you in your mother’s womb, God did.  


Don’t hang your life on the five seconds of thoughts that someone could have about you that are good or bad.  Hang it on the millions of thoughts God has had about you for years. He is in love with you, His strength is in you, don’t reason His voice away.  Go for His voice. Go after the people that He places in front of you with passion and with fire. Because Jesus wants to love people through your life today.  We will see you here again very soon. Thanks for watching, this has been God Today. We love you.