The Lord Will Put You In Front Of People

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

His way is 'I value every person.  I value every time you stop someone and say, ‘Jesus Loves you.'
Ben Fitzgerald


Hi, my name is Ben Fitzgerald, welcome to God Today.  Today, the subject of this short video is, “What is it like to be in front of many people for the Lord’s sake?”  Now, maybe you are watching this and you are like, “Hang on, I am not in front of many people.” I will get to that point, you will hear that in a second.


This question was asked to me and I think it is a very important question that you would understand.  Someone like myself, who gets to talk to 10s of thousands of people, that there is actually no difference inside my heart and inside the heart of many preachers and evangelists as there is in front of one.  God is watching what we are doing things inside here, He is not watching how big the crowd is. I have experienced this first hand. 


Sometimes, behind the stage, you can see 20,000 people out there, but behind the stage, there might be a lady who is working the door, who is serving.  Maybe she is not even a Christian. In some of the venues, we use for Awakening, we do these big events in Europe, and God has said to me, “Speak to that woman, spend a bit of time with her.  Love on her. Even though it is so important that I am out there also speaking to the 20,000 people. It is important to God that I don’t see a crowd bigger than I see one person. He sees the crowd, but He sees each one face to face, eye to eye, in that crowd of 20,000 people.  Realistically, there is no difference.


I think the thing God taught me, the lesson He taught me is, “Ben, you are not successful when it is 20,000 people.  You are not successful when it is a million. You are successful when you can see people the way I see people.” I want to encourage you with that.  Maybe God has called you to preach to millions. Maybe He has called you to preach to your neighbor. Maybe you work as a dentist, or you work in a hospital, or you work in a law firm and He has called you to reach your best friend in that place for Jesus.  Success is not how many we have reached, necessarily success is “how we see what God sees” and “how do we see His way?”


His way is, “I value every person.  I value every time you stop someone and say, ‘Jesus Loves you.’  I value every time you take the time to listen to someone’s story or to pray for them.”  Whether it is praying for one individual or praying for a whole group of thousands of people in a country to be saved.  God sees the faithfulness of the way we posture our hearts in the same way He would. We know this is true also, He stopped the woman at the well.  It was culturally wrong in the day. And He spent time with her even to the confusion of His disciples and others who saw it. He stopped with that woman and then she brought the whole city out and He spoke to the whole city.  It is one. And it is thousands. Neither is greater. It is the way you speak to the person. It is the way you see the person through the eyes of God.


Continue to do that.  If God elevates you to a place where you are speaking to more people – fantastic.  But if God also uses you to speak one-to-one-to-one, that is also amazing. I do that every day, it is one of my favorite things to do.  To stop one-on-one with people and tell them Jesus loves them. There is no microphone, no crowd big enough for us to stop loving a person one-on-one.  God loves you and I hope this ministered to you and blessed you. Thanks for watching us here on God Today.