Can The Lord Give You A Nation?

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

Has He placed something in there that is so deep, so profound to you, that you could never see it pass without God?  Or maybe that is how you know it is God?
Ben Fitzgerald


Hi, my name is Ben Fitzgerald, and welcome to God Today.  The subject of this short video is, “Can God give you a nation?”  I feel like pausing and saying that again because it is a weighty question and a real big deal to Heaven.  Can God give you, that’s right, you watching, a nation, a country, a people group?  Is it possible?


Well, we know from the scripture and we know from history that it is entirely possible.  But it does require certain things of the woman or man of God that is in a relationship with God to see such things happen.  I want to step back in time a little bit, around 115 years ago, to the story of the Welsh Revival.  A young man, named Evan Roberts, who was used powerfully by the Lord, saw a whole nation come to God.  In fact, they said that at least 50% of the country at that point, in 1904-1906, was born-again.  When people would visit Wales they would get off the dock and there would  be signs across the dock saying, “Welcome to Wales, a Christian country, You will likely leave believing in God.”  Isn’t that powerful?  The whole country had adopted Jesus because of a man and his friend’s sacrifice.


When I say sacrifice, it really is not a sacrifice.  He would have looked back saying, “This is amazing, Jesus has saved so many people.”  It would have initially been a feeling of sacrifice but after a feeling of great blessing.  God used to speak to Evan when he was 15 when his friends were playing at the docks on the boats.  They would say, “Come, Evan, come play at the docks.”  And the Holy Spirit would speak to him at the same time and say, “Evan, go and pray.  Go into the prayer closet.  Go and spend time with me and ask me for this nation to be saved.”


Evan did that for around 10 years.  Then, one day, the revival broke out and it spread like wildfire.  And the Lord saved that country.  Now, that one day we look at, but Evan had a history with God.  A history of “yeses”, a history of surrender, and a history of saying “yes” to the voice of Jesus.  God can save a country through you.  He absolutely can.  In fact, for many of you, He may have placed that very dream inside of you and He is just waiting for somebody to say “yes”.  But a yes isn’t just a “yes” at the altar.  The “yes” is a “yes” every day.  The “yes” is a “yes” in prayer, it is a “yes” in contending, it is a “yes” on setting the sights on your future and your goal on that nation and on the voice of God, like a sharp arrow in the hands of God.


I want to encourage you.  What is it inside you that God has placed in there?  What dream has he put inside your life?  What nation, what people group?  Maybe it is a city.  Has He placed something in there that is so deep, so profound to you, that you could never see it pass without God?  Or maybe that is how you know it is God?  Because His voice is – always speaking in things that are impossible for us, but possible for Him.  If that is the case, position your lifestyle towards Heaven.  With a yielded-ness, with a yes, and say, “God use me.  Like you did Evan Roberts like you did William and Catherine Booth. Use me in a mighty way to see a nation saved.  I believe there might even be some people behind the camera who watched this video right now and will look back in 20 years and see that God used you to see a whole people group.  Thousands upon thousands of people, turn to Him through your continuing yes with Jesus Christ.  I can’t wait, I am excited to see it.  I know Heaven is even more excited.  We love you guys.  Thank you for watching God Today.