In Thy Light Do They See Light

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

What the light does, is it separates the darkness.  Where there is light there can be no darkness.
Jeffrey Levinson


Hi, my name is Jeffrey Levinson with GOD TV and welcome to God Today.  If you are getting these inspirational messages every day from “get God today” and you subscribe to it, you have already met the Messiah and that is a blessing.


Today I want to talk to you a little bit about a psalm, a psalm that intrigues me.  You know, people will say that Proverbs contains the wisdom of God.  If you study Proverbs, you would gain the wisdom of God.  They are not just little sayings.  I believe the Psalms are the heart of God.  


The psalm I want to talk to you about today is Psalm 36.  It is a psalm of David.  I think that is important and I will get into that in a little bit.  Psalm 36, specifically the NKJV, verse 9 says, “For He is a fountain life in thine light do they see light.”  And in the Hebrew translation, it is verse 10.  Again, a psalm of David.  It says, “And He is a source of life. And in thy light will we see light.”  It is the part of light that intrigues me.


We all come to know the Lord and we have all come to know the Lord and what was it that drew us to the Lord?  Probably the light of the Lord.  The sages have asked over the centuries and the sages of Hebrew tradition have asked, “What was the light that we should be looking for as if we were on a watchtower?”  And they came up with, it wasn’t far fetched at all, it was from Genesis.  “God saw the light and saw that it was good.”  What the light does, is it separates the darkness.  Where there is light there can be no darkness. 


So they said, “What is the meaning of that?”  It was for a generation to come and the light the Lord was speaking of then, and the light from this psalm of David, who is the lineage of Yeshua Jesus Messiah.  That light is something God foreknew would come in the generations to come and would be brought to the world through Messiah.  He saved it for a time yet to come.  It was in this light that we found Messiah.  He drew us to His light.


Let me ask you, where is the light in you?  Where is the light today, where is the light in you?  Is it shining as brightly as it has when you first met Him?  That others saw it?  Do others see the light in you?  Do you know what your friend is going through or your relatives are going through?  Do you know what someone you don’t even know could be going through that it is important they would see light on you?  That someone would come to you and say, “Why are you so blessed? Why is there so much favor on your life?  What is it about you?”  And you say, “It is the light.”  They might ask, “What is that light?” 


“Well, it is the light of Yeshua, let me explain it to you.”


Perhaps there is within you even as a believer, the light isn’t shining as bright as it once had.  Perhaps people aren’t seeing the light on you because darkness still has a hold on you.  The light brought you from the darkness of the world, and darkness might still have a bit of a hold on you or it has come back into your life.  How can you find that light again?  Get a refreshing of that light?  One way is through prayer.  You can pray to the Lord Almighty.  “Lord, fill me, fill me, fill me with your Holy Spirit. Messiah, come to me.  Jesus Yeshua, come into me and let me be like you, let me be the light.  Let your light shine through me that others might see.”


Another way is how I came to this psalm.  Study the Word.  Get back into your bIble.  Study Proverbs, study Psalms, study the Words of Yeshua Jesus in the New Testament.  Study from Genesis to Revelations that you might know and others might know you by the light of the Lord.  Let me take a second right now and pray for you if you are watching this.  


Father, I just pray for everyone watching this.  For everyone that is watching this God Today, that they would be refreshed in you.  That there would be a light shining on them and through them that comes from you.  That others would say, “What is this?  I want it too.”  That they could be a part of it and they could be a part of the Gospel, in the message of Jesus who redeemed us from the darkness.  Yay, indeed He has redeemed us from the darkness.  I pray this in Yeshua Jesus’ name.  God bless and shalom.  This is God Today and I am Jeffrey Levinson.