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Wednesday, May 6th, 2020Jeffrey Levinson

In Thy Light Do They See Light


Hi, my name is Jeffrey Levinson with GOD TV and welcome to God Today.  If you are getting these inspirational messages every day from “get God today” and you subscribe to it, you have already met the Messiah and that is a blessing.


Today I want to talk to you a little bit about a psalm, a psalm that intrigues me.  You know, people will say that Proverbs contains the wisdom of God.  If you study Proverbs, you would gain the wisdom of God.  They are not just little sayings.  I believe the Psalms are the heart of God.  


The psalm I want to talk to you about today is Psalm 36.  It is a psalm of David.  I think that is important and I will get into that in a little bit.  Psalm 36, specifically the NKJV, verse 9 says, “For He is a fountain life in thine light do they see light.”  And in the Hebrew translation, it is verse 10.  Again, a psalm of David.  It says, “And He is a source of life. And in thy light will we see light.”  It is the part of light that intrigues me.


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