See Jesus – Part 2

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

It’s interesting that He set it up that it is by our stripes that others can be healed.
KC Craichy


This is KC Craichy, Founder and CEO of Living Fuel, entrepreneur, and minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Welcome to God Today. Today we are continuing a discussion of entrepreneurship and success in entrepreneurship.  Today I am talking about my son, Kyle Craichy, my son Austin Craichy, and also even my daughter. Some are on the path and some are already there.  Kyle, my son, much like us (my wife and I), at Living Fuel, he had a terrible acne problem. He had it on his face, he had it on his back. It really was affecting his psychology.  He really didn’t want to take his shirt off anywhere. Muscular kid, still thought his face and his back seemed diseased to him. 

One day he came to my office and said, “Papa, I like working at Living Fuel, but I want to do something on my own.  What do you think I can start working on?” I said, “Son, you have to find a problem and solve it. Find a problem that no one else has done well with and solve it.”  He said, “Like what?” And I said, “How about acne? You have been dealing with this a lot and you’ve tried everything. Why don’t you do the research and understand what acne is, how they’re treating it now, and how it should be treated.”  

He said it was very interesting, but he didn’t know how to do it.  I said, “My library is full of articles on acne but I just haven’t focused on them because I don’t have the problem.  So, if you want to take this wheelbarrow full of stuff and go figure it out then you can have something that actually feels meaningful.”  He literally dived into the literature, much like we had done, and he solved his problem. In 90 days, literally, after consuming the research, he developed products that actually did solve the problem.  He wrote a book at 21, became a best-selling author, called Face it: Winning the War on Acne.  

The point is, Jesus said, “By His stripes, we were healed.”  But it’s interesting that He set it up that it is by our stripes that others can be healed.  It is a fascinating concept, a fascinating process and so when you get into this understanding that you actually can solve a problem and help so many and ultimately it will be a success for you as well financially.

I pray in the name of Jesus, these truths rest on your lives, and that you take these things and go to higher heights.  In the name of Jesus.