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Thursday, May 21st, 2020Andrew Wommack

Don’t Limit God


Welcome to God Today.  I’m Andrew Wommack. And I want to share with you that on January 31, 2002, God showed up and He rang my bell.  You know what? I already loved God, I already was serving God, I was broadcasting on television, I was seeing great miracles happen.  But, God spoke to me through Psalms 78:41, and He said I was limiting Him. You know what? It changed my life. I could spend hours – a matter of fact I have tape series on this that talk about how my life and ministry has been totally changed since I’ve begun to recognize that God had a plan for me, but I controlled whether His plan came to pass or not, and my small thinking and my fear of different things, fear of failure, and even fear of success were hindering me.  It was keeping me from allowing God to flow through me.


The most important thing I learned through this is this isn’t just for me.  This is for you. I believe God has got great plans for every single person watching this.  God has never made a piece of junk. In the scripture there are so many Psalms – 139 is one of them.  It says you were fearfully... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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