Little Faith

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

Don’t let the storm around you take the faith out of your heart.
Robert Henderson


This is Robert Henderson with Robert Henderson Ministries.  Thank you so much for joining us, this is God Today.  You know, I want to just challenge you today with a concept that I believe the Lord would be pleased with.  In Matthew 14:30-31, there is an account, and it is one of my most favorite stories.  It is of Jesus saying to Peter, “Come.”  Because Peter said when he is in the boat and Jesus is on the water, in the midst of the storm, Peter says, “If it is you, Lord, bid me to come.”  And Jesus says, “Come.”  And Peter gets out of the boat to walk to Jesus.


When He says, “Come,” they are all in the boat, they are all fearful.  But when Jesus says, “Come,” Peter gets up out of the boat, throws his feet over the edge of the boat and begins to walk to Jesus.  Now, what happens is, when Peter gets his eyes off of Jesus, and begins to look at the storm that is raging around him, the Bible says a boisterous wind, the scripture says, if you will, that “doubt came into his heart and he began to sink.”  That is quite interesting to me.  How was Peter walking on the water?  It is because when he stepped out of the boat, he stopped into something you could call a faith realm.


If you have watched the old Twilight Zone shows, from years and years gone by, quite often people would be in another dimension, in another realm and able to do things in those realms that they couldn’t do otherwise.  See, that is what faith is.  When we, by faith, hear God’s Word and move on God’s Word, we actually step into a dimension where the supernatural can happen.  But, Peter did something.  He got his eyes off of Jesus and he began to sink when he saw the storm.  Jesus said, when He reached out to catch him, He said, “Oh, you of little faith.  Why did you doubt?”


Watch.  He said, “You have little faith, you let the storm take the faith out of your heart, that was enabling you to do the supernatural.”  Listen, God has called you to live a supernatural life.  You can only do that by faith.  When you hear Him say, “Come,” whatever that might mean, you will get out of the boat, you will step on the water, and you will begin to walk.  Don’t let the storm around you take the faith out of your heart.  Then you step out of that supernatural dimension and begin to sink.


Let me pray for you.  Father, I pray for all those that are watching right now that they would learn to walk in the supernatural realm granted to them by faith.  We step out of the boat and onto the water to believe you.  We thank you, Lord, that when we step into this dimension, the blessing of God comes onto our lives.  Lord, bless you so much.  This is God Today. And I am Robert Henderson.  Have a great day!