Knowing God

Sunday, June 7th, 2020

When you lay your ear down and your heart down at His feet, He is able to quicken it and cause you to hear the Lord.  
Eric Gilmour


Hello, this is Eric Gilmour with Sonship International and this is God Today.  You know, someone once asked me, “How do I know that the Lord hears me?”  Well, the day that I heard the Gospel, that God so loved me that He gave His Son and that if I would put my faith and trust in Christ, I would receive Him as my life, my sins would be washed away and I could enter into a relationship with God.


Once I heard that something quickened on the inside of me.  I yielded my life to Him, laid my life at His feet, and in this act, I received the Holy Spirit.  The scripture calls this, “the Spirit bears witness with our spirit.  That we are sons of God.” Or children of God.  To me, there is a bearing witness in my spirit from His Spirit that causes me to know.  To me, I feel this is the most simple way to understand how God speaks to us.  His Spirit bears witness with my spirit.  


There is an interesting Psalm, David says, “The Lord will guide me with His eye upon me and cause me to know the way in which I should go.  It is funny.  Sometimes people want to be shown which way to go and God is just trying to make it known.  I think there is a divide here sometimes.  People want to know when God just actually puts on the inside of the man, a knowing instead of just a showing which way to go.  You say, “Eric, can you explain it better, what you’re trying to say?”


The best way to describe it is a need to know many times takes away faith.  But when you actually believe in His person, then he can quicken you on the inside without even evidence before you.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  It is internal evidence and an internal conviction that comes by the Spirit of God that causes you to know. He may speak to you through a dream, He may speak to you in a moment with a thought.  He may speak to you through something you see.  But for me, most of the speaking that God does, I would say 95% is reading this book right here [holds up Bible] and feeling on the inside of me, a knowing from the Spirit, through the Scriptures installed inside of my heart and my life.


I want to encourage you.  If you have not heard the voice of the Lord, I encourage you to yield your heart to the presence of the Spirit and find, right there, a quickening on the inside of your person.  Trust Him to do it.  Trust Him that you are not able to make yourself hear and you are able to only lay your ear down.  And when you lay your ear down and your heart down at His feet, He is able to quicken it and cause you to hear the Lord.  


Father, I thank you that the Holy Spirit is our hearing.  That he who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says.  I pray that every viewer will feel in their hearts, a brand new sensitivity to the quickening of the Holy Spirit on the inside, however it may come.  A quickening on the inside that their spirit will have a bearing witness form the Spirit of God.  And they will be quickened on the inside and not necessarily need to be shown anything, but they will know something.  Instead of having to see it, they will be it.  In your precious name.  Amen.  I am Eric Gilmour and this is God Today.