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Wednesday, June 10th, 2020Lydia Marrow



Hi friend, welcome to this edition of God Today.  I am Lydia Marrow and I serve at Shake The Nations Ministries. Let’s look at the word of God.  The psalmist David said in Psalm 119:88, He said, “Revive me according to your loving-kindness, so that I may keep the testimony of your mouth.”  You know, a lot of times the word revival is overused and not really understood. A lot of times we hope that we are going to have a good service, that people are going to get touched, that we feel Holy Ghost chill-bumps.  Friend, all of those things are wonderful, but that’s not really what we mean when we say, “Revival.”


When we talk about revival I am talking about everything in your life coming back alive, back into alignment with the Spirit of God once again.  You know, the psalmist David, understood that in the course of your average, ordinary, normal life, there were going to come times when your passion for God does not feel quite as on fire, that you might be distracted by the world around you, that you might be going through hard times, that there was going to be times that you... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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