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Sunday, June 28th, 2020Ron Cantor

Words Of Knowledge


Hi everybody, I’m Ron Cantor.  I am the regional director of GOD TV in Israel.  This is God Today. One of the things I try to do every day is to ask God to fill me afresh with the Holy Spirit.  Not for my sake but for the sake of those who I meet – that He would use me in the gifts of the Spirit: healing, prophecy, word of wisdom, word of knowledge.  I am always asking God to give me words of knowledge. It doesn’t happen that often, more it’s healing. I want words of knowledge. The Bible says to eagerly pursue spiritual gifts.

I have this running joke with God, “You have to give me words of knowledge!!”  So, I am going to get coffee. I am in Colorado on vacation. I am driving and I am looking for a place to get coffee.  I got redirected three times until I ended up in a drive-thru at Starbucks because that’s where God wanted me. You will understand that in a minute.  I get in the drive-thru and As I am approaching the young lady who is going to hand me the coffee, I said, “Lord, give me a word of knowledge for her.”  And you know what? He didn’t. Haha! He didn’t. I wanted it, He didn’t I said, “Alright, fine.... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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