Mission Team

Monday, July 6th, 2020

If you learn to work within the boundaries of how each of you has been anointed, it can be a very fulfilling life.
Sam Caster


Hello, I am Sam Caster, founder of Manna Relief.  An international relief organization that meets the needs of medically fragile children all over the world.  I started my ministry 20 years ago but it came out of business.  It was kind of an interesting thing.  I am married, I have this incredible business going on, and all of a sudden, God called us into the ministry.  But, part of that was giving my wife incredible insight into the way that we were to run our business to honor God and to fulfill the mission that He called us to through Manna Relief.


Now, as a business person, I was a little out of the ordinary.  I mean, my wife didn’t know much about my business, she had never been in business.  We had adopted all of our children, and she was an incredible wife and mother.  And she homeschooled our kids.  But all of a sudden, God started to give me prophetic words about our business.  At first, it was very difficult to receive because these were like off the wall words. 


But, here is what we discovered even though we went through a lot of turmoil around that because she felt like I wasn’t receiving what she was getting, I felt like what she got came with immediate expectations.  What we finally learned is that God had brought us together because we are a team.  We work incredibly well together when we honor each others’ gifts. So, once we learned how to do that, our lives became complete.  And our ministry flourished.  We started fulfilling the destiny that God had on our lives worldwide. 


Men, I want to encourage you to listen to your wives.  Your wife will get discernment from the Lord that may seem completely off the wall to you. But there is a purpose – it is to use both of your skills together again to fulfill what God has for your lives.


I am just going to pray for you really quickly.  If you are a gentleman out there, a young guy, and you have just gotten married, I pray that God uses your wife in a very incredible way to fulfill the destiny not just for your life, but for YOUR LIVES.  That is why He brought you together.  Many of you will work together whether it is in the marketplace or whether it is in a church or out in a ministry.  Again, to fulfill the destiny God has for your lives.  If you learn to work within the boundaries of how each of you has been anointed, it can be a very fulfilling life.  Blessings to you guys, I will see you soon.