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Tuesday, July 14th, 2020Robert Henderson

Nominal Christians


Hello, this is Robert Henderson and I am with Robert Henderson Ministries and you are watching God Today.  You know, there is something that we term or call “nominal Christians” today.  What is that?  That is believers that really are not energized in their faith.  They are really not energized in their relationship with the Lord.  They are just kind of going in life existing if you will, but they are not excited about the salvation that Jesus actually bought for them.


In Hebrews 2, I believe it is, the Bible talks about those who become untied and slip away.  In fact, the writer says, “Let us therefore not slip away.”  That is what nominal Christians do.  They actually can become untied from that which would anchor their faith.  And this is the picture.  The motion of the water would cause them to be washed out away from shore.  All of a sudden, they would wake up and realize, “How did I get so far away from Jesus?” That’s what happens to nominal Christians.


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