Friday, July 24th, 2020

Stay steady.  God’s word has been true since it is written.  It’ll be true to the end of the age.
Dr. Michael Brown


This is Dr. Michael Brown from Ask Dr. Brown Ministries, you are watching God Today.  You know, there are a lot of “isms” that come and go and in one generation they’re here, and the next generation they are gone.  But, evolution-ism, Darwinism, that has been with us for a long time.  And many Christians, maybe they are in a secular school, maybe they are 14 or 15 and they are hearing more about evolution, maybe they are in college.  And they hear these things and they seem to contradict the Bible.  And because of that, they lose their faith.  I have met many Christians that are back with the Lord today, but they say for years they lost their faith because of the contradiction between the Bible and science.


But, here is what is remarkable.  What the Bible does tell us is what evolution can’t tell us.  The Bible tells us how everything started.  If you are a Darwinian evolutionist, if you just believe in everything coming from the natural, you know what you have to believe?  You have to believe that nothing created everything.  Or you have to believe that matter, which by definition cannot create itself, that it has always existed.  We say, “No, no, we have the explanation for that. The eternal God, the one who is eternal in his own nature and does not need to be created.  He is the beginner of all things.”


To this day, evolution cannot answer the origin of life, how life began.  There have been attempts, God knows how many years the greatest scientists on the planet, to create life.  They haven’t figured that one out yet.  Even the species that Genesis 1 tells us, everything multiples after its own kind.  To this day, a cat does not produce a dog, or a dog a cat, or an apple tree an orange, or an orange tree an apple.  In fact, every single year evolution is losing credibility.  Every single year Darwinian evolution, naturalism is losing credibility.  And more and more scientists are saying there are major holes in their theory.


Hey friend, stay steady.  God’s word has been true since it is written.  It’ll be true to the end of the age.  Let me pray.  Maybe you are in the midst of a challenge.  Let me pray for you.  Father, right now, someone viewing is hurting and struggling because their faith is under attack.  They have questions.  Scientific questions, philosophical questions, and they don’t have answers.  I pray you would show them the wisdom of your word and show them that the book of science, the book of nature, and the book of God will always be in harmony when it comes to truth.  May there be an increased and new confidence in you and your faithfulness, and your truthfulness. I ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.  This is Dr. Michael Brown and you have been watching God Today.