When God Changes Your Purpose

Sunday, August 16th, 2020

Pursue God. Invite God into that very place and He will show up.
Paul Pemberton


Hi, my name is Paul Pemberton. I am a student evangelist with Christ For All Nations, welcome to God Today.  I want to speak today about when God changes your purpose.  You know, this purpose in life is one of the most fundamental things we, especially as Christians, can carry and have.  It really affects everything that we do from day-to-day living, to where we pursue, to our career, to our ministry, to even our friendships.  What is your purpose?  What is that driving force?


In the Bible, it talks about Paul before he was Paul when he was Saul on the road to Damascus.  In that experience, he had an encounter with the living God that radically changed him and all of Christianity forever.  But there is one key point I want you to focus in on in that experience.  That was when he heard the voice of God and he began his new journey turning into Paul and living for Christ.  In that period, he became blind.  He could not see.  His basic need of seeing was no longer available to him.


For me, when I was previously living for myself, my purpose was to construct my own kingdom, so to say.  I had all these different personal development tools, and self-help books, and lists, and projects that I used to really build myself up.  It was my own plan and my own purpose that I was building.  When I encountered God, through prayer, and at a Church service that radically changed my life, I suddenly took all those self-help books and all those personal development things I threw them all out.  I now had a new foundation.  It wasn’t the faulty foundation that I had built, it was now the foundation of Christ and the Holy Spirit within me.


I know there are people right now that are maybe unsettled in their purpose or calling.  Or maybe have doubts, or maybe they don’t have that confidence that it is really from God.  I really want to speak life over you today and say: pursue God. Invite God into that very place and He will show up.  Continue to pursue Him.  If He doesn’t show up the way you think He should right away.  There is nothing more important in this area of purpose than for it to be positioned and established on the foundation of Christ.


Let me pray for you.  God, I just speak life over every single person watching this.  Whether they know their purposefully, or whether they don’t, or whether they are in the middle and there is still uncertainty there.  I declare the light of God to surround you and bring clarity over the purpose that God has designed for you.  I believe this next season of your life is going to be a defining season where these things are going to come into focus and there will be confidence.  For the Lord has big plans for you.  I bless you in Jesus’ name.