The Calling

Monday, August 17th, 2020

But He is going to take you through whatever the challenges you are going through because He will fulfill His destiny in you if you will just let Him.
Sam Caster


Hello, I am Sam Caster, founder of Manna Relief Ministries.  Welcome to God Today.  Listen, back in 1988, I had been an incredibly successful entrepreneur.  My wife and I had built several businesses.  But we didn’t know the Lord, didn’t need the Lord, didn’t need religion.  Things were going great in my life.  And all of a sudden, things went haywire.  Right?  Sometimes you have to be at the very top in order to find God. That’s where I was.  


I had this emptiness inside of me that I just couldn’t quench with any kind of thing I could purchase.  No toys satisfied me and I got to a place where I really didn’t know if I wanted to be married, I didn’t know what was going on in my life.  Something was missing.  My wife, during that time, came to know the Lord.  She just reached out and said, “God, we are in trouble.  I need you.  If you are for real, make yourself known to me.” That’s what happened.


Then, when she started witnessing to me, I went, “Now, I am really not sure I want to stay with this woman….she has gone off the deep end.”  I moved out to California, I had a condo out there, starting a new energy business and she was in Dallas, Texas and very new to faith, and very new to Christianity.  She was praying with a group of ladies that said, “Stop praying for your marriage and start praying for Sam’s salvation.  That’s what’s most important.  Nothing will work until that happens.  God doesn’t want Sam to be fulfilled or happy in anything he does.  Pray the ‘misery prayer’ over him.”  So that is what she did.  She has a real anointing for that, by the way.


As she was praying and I didn’t know this, of course, I was out there and I was in an apartment in Newport Beach, and I was just miserable.  Nothing I was working on was fulfilling.  Nothing I was working on was satisfying me.  I called my wife one night and I said, “I am so miserable.” And to herself, she went, “Thank you, Jesus.”  That’s the night that I gave my life to the Lord.  My wife just said, “Reach out. God will come to you and meet you in your time of need.”


That is exactly what happened that night.  Now, we both became Christians and we lived happily ever after, right?  Not exactly.  God had a calling on our lives that would take us through incredible challenges from that forward.  Starting new businesses, doing business God’s way instead of our old traditional way. Quite a transformation.  Maybe you are at that place in your life, where you are really not quite sure what God wants to do with your life. But I am here to tell you He has a plan for you.  Sometimes it is not going to look anything like you thought it would.  But He is going to take you through whatever the challenges you are going through because He will fulfill His destiny in you if you will just let Him.  


I am going to pray for you right now.  If you are watching this and you are struggling with “what is God’s purpose in my life?”, I pray God will show Himself to you in a brand new way.  That as you pray and you seek Him, He will find you. You will find Him, and you will find that place that God has on this earth for you and the purpose He has called you to.  I pray, Lord, that this person that is listening right now receives that in Jesus’ name. 


Okay, guys.  Have a great day.  Listen for God – He has got a plan for you.  See ya!