Not Enough To Have Revelation

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

God’s plans for you are much bigger than you could ever imagine.  Much more interesting.  It has, these days, not a whole lot to do with intelligence, but just being willing to be available.
Arleen Westerhof


My name is Arleen Westerhof and I am the leader of the Dutch National Prophetic Counsel and welcome to God Today.  Today I want to talk to you about the fact that in 2020, it’s not just enough to have revelation.  It is also not enough to have accurate revelation as God’s prophetic people, but we have to be willing to act now on the revelation that He gives.  Why? Because James says it very, very well.  He said, “Faith without works is dead.” Revelation without our following up and acting on what God lets us see to do is also dead.


I want to tell you about a time when God really started to lead me out of my comfort zone with some revelation that He gave me.  If you are prophetic at all, just know that when God uses you to speak out a prophetic word over something or pray something into being, He will often use you also to see it come to pass.  


In 2011, God started to wake me up 3 or 4 times a week, in the middle of the night and He said the following, “Arlene, I want you to pray and call forth the Josephs and the Daniels in business and economics.”  Back then, I had no grid for this.  I said, “Lord, why do you want me to pray for this?” He said, “Just do it.”  So, I got up, got out of bed, and went to another room so as not to wake up my husband and I called them forth.  I continued to pray that way until the burden for prayer eased.  That lasted two years.  Three or four times a week, every week.  God woke me up and said, “Call them forth.”


Finally, after two years, He said, “Now, Arlene, I want you to ask me for solutions.”  I said, “Lord, I got my Ph.D. in chemistry.  I am not an economist.”  And He said, “Ask.  Because I want to heal nations by healing their economies.”  So I started to ask.  And He started to download thoughts to me, which I wrote down.  After a while, I sent those thoughts that I had written down to four friends of mine who lead Christian business networks on different continents.  I said, “Gentlemen, please be brutally honest with me.  Could this be God?  Or is this just a waste of time? Because we are all very, very busy.”  Praise the Lord, after two days, they all wrote back and said, “This is God.  When are we doing it?”


That has become what is now known as the Economic Summit.  The Economic Summit exists to provide divinely inspired solutions for global economic transformation.  God has been amazing.  Since 2014, He has given us Biblical paradigms through the speakers that He has provided to be able to change nations.  One of these paradigms, interestingly enough, came through a Jewish brother in Christ who is a Frenchman and brilliant economist. When he came to Christ at 17, He said, “Lord, my life is yours.  I want to serve you so I am going to go to Bible school.”  God said to him, “No, I don’t want you to go Bible school.  I want you to be like a Daniel in Babylon.”  When this guy told me his testimony, I looked at him and I immediately heard the Lord say, “Remember those two years when you were calling forth the Josephs and the Daniels?  He is one of them.  And that has begun a relationship.  The economic paradigm, based on Leviticus 25, that we have come up with has been startling.  A Nobel Prize committee has interviewed this gentleman now to say they feel this is the first thing since Milton Friedman came with his theory of capitalism, 50 years ago, that has the potential to truly transform business and economics to alleviate and eliminate poverty altogether.  This is an example of God’s multifaceted wisdom in action.


So, as you are watching today, I just want to encourage you.  You know, when God speaks to you in the middle of the night, even if it is not in your area that He is telling you to do something, all He needs is for us to be available.  When I had to start reading economics, I had no grid for it.  I couldn’t understand what I read.  So, I laid my hands on my head, and literally I said, “Lord, give me the mind of Christ.  I have the mind of Christ.”  You know what?  After doing that a few times, literally, I started to understand what I was reading.


I say all of this just to say that God’s plans for you are much bigger than you could ever imagine.  Much more interesting.  It has, these days, not a whole lot to do with intelligence, but just being willing to be available.  Father, I stretch out a hand of blessing to all of those watching now.  Father, you have given us the mind of Christ.  So, God, use us in each one of the different spheres of influence to bring your glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.