Great Faith

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Your faith transcends time.  Your faith reaches past time.  And grabs hold of what God would have for you today. 
Robert Henderson


Hello, this is Robert Henderson with Robert Henderson Ministries and this is God Today.  I want to encourage you today that God wants to increase your faith.  The Bible says we go from faith to faith. And we have talked in times gone by about no faith, about little faith, but watch as God says, “I want to develop you into what is called ‘great faith’.”  Jesus actually referred to this in Matthew 15:28 when the Syrophoenician woman came.  You remember this story, her daughter is demon-possessed, sick at home, laying on a bed.  If you will. This woman comes and cries out to the Lord.  Now, as she is crying out to the Lord, the problem is she is a gentile and Jesus says it’s not yet time for the gentiles.


In other words, He came to the Jews first.  He said, “It is not right that I should take the children’s bread, or that which belongs to the Jews, and give it to the dogs or to the gentiles.”  Is that He was referring to.  But this woman simply would not quit.  In fact, she said when He said to her, “I shouldn’t take this and give this to you, it is not right for me to take something that belongs to God’s chosen people and give it to the dogs.”  She said, “True, Lord.”  Notice she didn’t even argue.  She said, “True, Lord. Yet, even the little dogs eat from the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.” In other words, she had such an awareness of the power of God that she said, “I don’t need the whole loaf of your power.  I just need the crumbs. The crumbs of who you are are enough to heal my daughter.  And watch what Jesus says when she says that.  He says, “Oh woman, great is your faith.  Let it be to you as you have desired.”  And at that moment, Her daughter was made well.  Why?


Jesus commended her great faith.  She was “unoffendable”, she was one that could not be turned away.  And the Bible says that out of her response to the Lord, out of her appropriate and correct answer, Jesus said, “I recognize the faith.”  Watch this…and the woman reached into something that was for the future and pulled it into the now.  Because God, later on, would say it is time for the gentiles.  It is time for the Gospel to be preached.  But she reached into something that was yet to come by her great faith.  And pulled it into the now.  And got a miracle for her and her daughter.


I want to encourage you.  Let your faith arise.  Reach into that which is yet to come.  Pull it into the now.  We say, “Well, it isn’t time.”  Listen.  Your faith transcends time.  Your faith reaches past time.  And grabs hold of what God would have for you today.  Let me pray for you.  Father, let our faith arise.  Let our faith be increased.  Let us move into these new dimensions that you have called us to and may we hear you say, “Great is your faith be it unto you even as you desire.”  Thank you so much.  Let miracles occur now.” In Jesus’ name.  This is Robert Henderson and this is God Today.  Lord bless you.