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Saturday, August 29th, 2020Cindy Jacobs

No Regrets


Hi, I am Cindy Jacobs with God Today. I would like to share an idea with you.  An idea that is so expansive it’s called living without regret.  No regrets.  I think everyone I have ever talked to has something they regret. “Oh, if I hadn’t done this.” Or, “If I had been a better husband, or a better wife, or a better parent, or a better child to my parents.” Or, “If I had only spent my money in a better way…”


I want to say to you, God loves you. He wants you to be able to live a life where you make things right from your past, but you are not haunted by regrets. I just want to pray with you.  I want God’s power to touch you and let you realize if you just ask Jesus into your heart right now, you can live with no regrets.  He is going to forgive you for what you’ve done.  You are not going to be constantly reminded and condemned about all those bad things that you did. 


Just say this prayer with me: Lord Jesus, come into my heart.  Forgive my sin.  I am so sorry I have done wrong things. Cleanse me right... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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