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Friday, September 11th, 2020Rosemary Schindler Garlow

God’s Word From Zion


Hello, my name is Rosemary Schindler Garlow, founder of Schindler’s Ark and co-founder of Well Versed.  Welcome to God Today.  I am here to talk to you about an amazing, significant scripture and prophecy from God’s Word.  A prophecy that was given twice by both Isaiah and Micah.  A prophecy that we are living in right now.  And now seeing the fullness of time and latter-day return of Messiah.  That is found in both Isaiah 2 and Micah 4.


These prophets of God declare that in the latter days, the mountains of the Lord’s house shall be exalted as chief among all the hills and all nations shall stream up to that.  And this means that in the latter days, we are going to see nations coming up to Jerusalem, the chief mountain, which is a supernatural occurrence because in the natural, rivers stream down.  But this pull will be up to the Lord’s mountain, a type of “aliyah”, as the natural “aliyah”, return of Jews up to Jerusalem, a spiritual return is taking place among the nations.  The nations belong to the Lord and on this day He is harvesting those nations.  He is gathering... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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