Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

The Lord just wants to say to you, 'I am able to reset your life.' And God wants to do it.
Cindy Jacobs


Hi, I am Cindy Jacobs with God Today. Have you ever wished you could push a button that resets your life? Well, as we met with prophets from 42 nations recently, that is what they have said God is going to do.  We are in a new season of time, unlike anything we have ever experienced before.


God wants you to have a reset, where you can look and say, “Well, maybe I have made some mistakes,” or “I wish I had a do-over.” Or something like that.  The Lord just wants to say to you, “I am able to reset your life.” And God wants to do it. Now, what does that mean?  That means you can go back and say, “From today, I am living a new life.  From today, My life is going to change and stay changed.”


You know, Satan wants to pile so many things on you that you feel depressed, and you feel alone, and you feel forsaken.  But today, believe this word.  You are in a reset season where God is going to restore things you have fought or lost.  I am Cindy Jacobs, God bless you.