Sunday, September 27th, 2020

I want you to come out of the shadows.  I want you to stand before me and I want you to receive from me.
Corey Russell


I remember in 2014, I was reading that verse.  I was going through a really difficult season in my life.  As I was reading this, I set it in its context of Psalm 2. What’s happening in Psalm 2 is that the nations of the Earth are seeking to destroy Jesus’ inheritance and to take it.  What I heard the Father declare to Jesus in this hour, He says, “Son, you see those nations that are raging and trying to steal your inheritance? Ask me for it and I will make them your inheritance.”  The Holy Spirit spoke to me at that moment. He said, “Corey, your greatest places of warfare will become your greatest places of inheritance.” The places where you are having the greatest struggle, where the Enemy is raging the greatest warfare, where there is the greatest chaos, and confusion, and just craziness.  In the middle of that, the Lord says, “I want you to come out of the shadows. I want you to stand before me and I want you to receive from me”: 1) That we are His sons and daughters. I like to call this “intimacy based intercession” – that we receive from the Father who we are. 2) It is in that place that we ask for our inheritance.  

Beloved, there are areas in your life that the Father is saying, “Come.  Stand before me. Receive my affection. Believe big that I am going to take this warfare.  I am going to take this difficulty. I am going to release breakthrough inheritance in your life, in your marriage, in your family, in your children, in your grandchildren, and for generations to come because of the decision that you made in that season to believe big for my inheritance.”  I want you to know today, that word. What is your inheritance? Beloved, we are His inheritance. This is an hour we understand who we are to the Father. Let’s ask Him for it. Ask of me and I will release your inheritance. I pray, Father, across the earth that you would awaken people to the glory and the power of intercession and you would release our inheritance.  I bless you.