Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Don’t forget to lean into HIm and ask Him for the things, ask Him for the solutions, ask Him for His ways and He will always deliver them to you.
Jamie Lyn Wallnau


Hi, I am Jamie Lyn Wallnau and I host a podcast called “Set Apart”. This is God Today. Did you know that you are a reformer?  A reformer is one who brings a positive impact on culture. You may be sitting at home, and you may turn on the news and find yourself getting really frustrated about something like social injustice, maybe something in politics, something that is going on in your family.  Sometimes it is really healthy to feel frustrated because it reveals what we are actually made to do moving forward.


Today, what are the things that come to your heart? And come to your mind? What are the things that when I say, “What really gets you passionate?  What really gets you fired up? What do you want to see the Lord do something in?”  Have you sat back and just assumer somebody else would go and help in big social justices like abortion?  Have you assumed somebody else would go in and help bring social equality into the school system that your kids are a part of?  Have you assumed that somebody else would go and infiltrate the airwaves of media with positive, good news? Did you know that someone might be you?


We are empowered by the Spirit of God to move forward in the things that He has called us to do.  We do have the power of life and death in our tongue and we can speak and fill every airwave on social media.  Every airwave of those around us, our city council, our government, the education system, our families to bring up positive cultural impact. 


Somebody who really encourages me is William Wilberforce.  He was a man who ended slavery in Britain.  What I love about his story is that it took him year, after year, after year of presenting this to his government.  He wasn’t heard year, after year, after year. But he could not escape what God put in him. And finally, he reached an end where he was done.  He was going to quit and his friend encouraged him to continue to move forward.  Do you know what happened?  That last time, they heard him and they abolished slavery because of his life.


That is a really big example of reformation.  But in the Kingdom of God, you may bring reformation to your child as you are at home, you may bring reformation and a solution to your business and your company in an area where there needs to be a solution.  Let God expose the gap that you are seeing.  Let Him bring up the passion, let Him bring up the frustration.  But take it before Him.  And one of the things I find helpful is that I ask God for a Spirit of wisdom.  The Spirit of Wisdom is what helped create the blueprint. The Spirit of wisdom gave God the blueprint for the earth.  The Spirit of understanding is what helped lay the action of everything.


I want to invite you to ask God for the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of understanding.  The Spirit of wisdom may reveal there is a problem.  I know that I have the solution with you, God.  And He will give you the blueprint.  The Spirit of understanding helps you understand how to implement that blueprint on the earth.  I would love to pray for you and I want to encourage you.  I believe we are all reformers.  I really do.  I think you have such a powerful voice.  The Lord loves you, He sees you, and He knows that you hear Him.  He wants you to hear Him.  So, I want to pray and declare over you.


Lord, I thank you for those who are listening right now.  Thank you for opening their ears to hear you and their eyes to see what you are doing.  Thank you for blessing them, God, with the passion and the healthy righteous frustrations that are rising up today.  I thank you for unleashing and pouring out your Spirit of wisdom and your Spirit of understanding so that we can all receive the blueprints that you have for us to bring cultural impact, that you would release the Spirit of understanding to show us how to do it.  I declare that Lord, you would open the doors for them.  That no man can open.  That we would walk encouraged, that we would not give up and that we will rejoice and celebrate even before we see it happen, that we would continue to stay close to you, to lean into you, and to know you are good, and you are with us as we bring reformation in every sphere of cultural influence on Earth as it is in Heaven. 


I hope you have an amazing day.  Don’t forget to lean into Him and ask Him for the things, ask Him for the solutions, ask Him for His ways and He will always deliver them to you. Bless you.  My name is Jame Lyn Wallnau and this is God Today.