God Will See You Through This

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

I don’t know what you are going through right now. But, God will see you through this.
Jim Garlow


Hi, my name is Jim Garlow.  I have the privilege of leading a wonderful ministry called Well Versed. Many, many years ago, I married a woman named Carol.  We were married for 42 years and she died of cancer several years ago. After a 6 year battle with cancer. It was the toughest day of my life – the day she passed away. I had been married for all those years, I didn’t feel like I lost 50% of me – I felt like I lost 95% of me.  It was like an empty shell was left.


I sat there in the living room, for the first time and only time in my life, I literally stared at a wall. I did not know what to do. My grief was so heavy. But God did not give up on me. He continued to minister my heart, he brought me through the deepest valley of my life. And then, I came out of that season. He introduced me to a wonderful woman named Rosemary. I have been married now for several years to Rosemary Schindler. 


I wrote this story up and many other stories like it in a book called God Will See You Through This. We discussed the title with my publisher many times. God Will See You Through? We tried many different titles.  No. God Will See You Through This. Because we agreed that everybody has a this in their lives.  Something you are going through. You are watching this – you have a this in your life right now, probably.  And God will see you through this.


That day, when they took Carol’s remains out of the house, I did not know how I could ever live another day. I was decimated, I was destroyed. But, God. God saw me through this. And the day came when I was able to raise up my head and go forward and He brought wonderful Rosemary into my life, completed my joy – again. I began to walk on. 


I want to tell you – I don’t know what you are going through right now. But, God will see you through this.