Personal Testimony

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Invite Him to lead you and guide you. I think it is the only way to fly, it is why we are put on this planet - to walk with Him.
Eric Metaxes


Hey there, my name is Eric Metaxes, welcome to God Today.  If you know me, you know me as an author, or as the host of The Eric Metaxes Show, but I thought I would share with you that I wasn’t always an author, I wasn’t always the host of The Eric Metaxes Show.  I wasn’t always full of the joy of Jesus.  I was raised in a home where we went to church every Sunday, but we didn’t know God the way I know God now. And so, I didn’t even know that you could know God this way.


I went to Yale University, which is not exactly a place full of faith, in fact, it is very anti-Christian, very secular in many ways.  By the time I graduated I was very lost.  I was so lost that I was just wondering, “Why am I here?”  I wanted to be a writer, but what do I write about, what do I do?  I think, sometimes, God allows us to stumble so that we can find Him. 


I was 24-years-old and I met a guy who started sharing his faith with me.  I was kind of like, “Don’t get too close with that weird Christian stuff. But, I am in enough pain and misery, tell me a little more.”  This went on for about a year.  And one night, about a year into this conversation, I had a dream. The Lord spoke to me in the dream.  I won’t tell you the story of the dream, but it is kind of amazing, if you want to hear me tell the story, you can go to my website:  I did an “I Am Second” video, and you can find it at 

But, I can only say that in this dream, Jesus revealed Himself to me in such a way, it completely blew my mind. I did not know that Jesus was real. That the Bible was true. After I had that dream, I had absolutely no doubt.


Once I knew that Jesus was real, that He had died for me, that He loved me, all the stuff the Bible says, it changed everything.  I remember praying, “Lord, lead me in my career, lead me in my life because I don’t want to do anything you don’t want me to do.  I know we are just here for a short time and then it is over. I want to glorify you with my whole life. Lead me. Show me.” And He did. And it doesn’t mean it is always easy, but we have to have the confidence that the Lord wants to show us where to go, more than we want HIm to show us where to go. He loves us far more than we could ever love ourselves.  


So, the Lord did lead me in my career. And I often am asked, “How do you become a writer? How do you do this? How do you do that?”  All I can tell you is, without any question, I put my career in God’s hands. There is just no doubt about it. And I have to say that, He led me in a strange, circuitous path. I think, sometimes, if you are clinging to His hand tightly, He can lead you places you wouldn’t go if you weren’t clinging to His hand so tightly.  He took me on a strange path, and I am grateful that He did. But, every single thing that I have done, without any doubt, God has been in it.  Even when it has been difficult, the Lord has been in it.


If you are wondering what you are supposed to be doing in life, walk as closely as you can to God. Don’t live in any kind of open sin. If you are doing that, let’s be honest.  There is no way you can know what God has for you.  Give Him your whole life – in every way you can.  And invite Him to lead you and guide you. I think it is the only way to fly, it is why we are put on this planet – to walk with Him.  I want to commend that to you with joy.  That you might be able to walk with Him immediately and for the rest of your life. God bless you.