Delving Into The Goodness Of God’s Word

Friday, October 16th, 2020

That book has the answers for you, of how to walk in the prosperity and blessing of God.
Jim Garlow


Hi, my name is Jim Garlow, and I have the privilege of leading a wonderful ministry called Well Versed. I want to talk to you about the word. Yes, the word of God. Yes, specifically the Bible. That is the most remarkable book.  When I was a child, I would hear elderly people say, “Man, I just can’t believe it…the Bible…I am just learning more…The Bible is the answer…” And I was like “Okay, I get it. The Bible is important.” But I just couldn’t understand why they would rave about it.


But I am no longer young. And now I am this age, what I am now, and I find myself going, “Wow. I cannot believe the breadth and depth of the messages, tucked away in the Bible. I am still discovering it is a remarkable book.” Let me give you a clue. It will address every issue of your life personally.  That is number one.  Every aspect of your life personally and privately. That book has the answers for you, of how to walk in the prosperity and blessing of God.


Number two: Family life. Let’s suppose you are married or you are going to be married.  That will guide you in every aspect of marriage and family life. That book is loaded with brilliance beyond description of the nature of the life of the family. 


Three: that book tells us exactly how we are to function in the life of the Church or congregational life. How a congregation is to function. It will follow that book. Church life is really quite exhilarating.  And fourth, and most people don’t realize this, that book addresses the government. I’m talking about civil government, there are actually four forms of government.  The first form of government is personal restraint or self-government. The second government is the family government. The third government is how to structure a church, and the fourth is civil government. To the extent that we follow them in our national life – our community and national life, to the extent we follow the word of God. To that extent, a nation will have peace and tranquility. To that extent, you will reduce human pain, suffering, and poverty. The word of God is so brilliant it speaks to every issue of civil governments. Whether it be taxation, immigration, minimum wage, social security, healthcare, welfare, life in the womb, the definition of marriage, parental authority, the nature of war. You name the topic. Any topic you see on the news today, any topic discussed by elected officials. My God is so brilliant, He established government, by the way, He established nations, and if we will follow His word and civil governments, a nation will enjoy the prosperity even economically, that God ordained it to have. The word. It is so good.