How To Access The Lord’s Rivers Of Life

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

...when the waters flow they touch...the soul, the mind, the will, the emotions, the intellect, and life happens.
KC Craichy


Welcome to God Today. This is KC Craichy, founder and CEO of Living Fuel, and Marketplace Minister.


Today we are going to discuss life because the Lord Himself said He came so we would have life and have it to the full. Today, I was walking in here to film and a gentleman comes up and asks for prayer about his uncle. His uncle has surgery and we immediately turned to him and started to pray for him. We said, “Would you please receive it for your uncle.” So we prayed for him that the rivers of life would come forth.


See, in John 4, the Word says, “Those that believe upon me [Jesus], may come to me and drink.” Drink of what? “Drink of the waters where you will never thirst again.” Out of your innermost places, out of the spirit realm shall come forth rivers of living water.


You see, in Ephesians 1, it says you have already received every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus, in the heavenly realms. I believe when we talk about rivers of life or rivers of living water coming forth, it is coming forth from the heavenly realm, full of the grace of Jesus left for us. One of which is the rivers. If you take those rivers back to Ezekiel 47, it is a perfect analogy of what we are talking about. The water flowed from the temple towards the Dead Sea. As I watched, the waters touched the dried, scorched banks of the desert. I paraphrase, but it says every form of life happened. Because it says “where the waters touch, where the Spirit of the Lord touches is life.” It goes on to say that waters touched the dried, scorched banks of the Dead Sea where there was no life at all. And every form of life happened because everywhere the waters touched is life. 


If the rivers hold the blessing and the rivers are life and Jesus intended life, and the gentleman we prayed for was receiving the life of the Lord on behalf of his loved one, and we are sure that God honored His word. When we are talking about you have already received every spiritual blessing, our job is not to say, “Lord, please…”, but it is to say, “Lord, help me access that blessing.” The blessing of life, the blessings of the waters flowing because when the waters flow they touch the places of the pain of your past. It touches the soul, the mind, the will, the emotions, the intellect, and life happens.  It touches your body, your bones, your blood, your flesh. And life happens. It touches your atmosphere and the people in your atmosphere. You are bringing life. 


Believe in the Lord, in His purposes in your life. Receive His grace and come to Him and receive the rivers, or come to Him and drink, and allow the rivers of life in your life. I pray this in Jesus’ name. That the rivers of life will come forth from your deepest places, from the spirit realm. And that life is happening in your life as we speak. In the name of Jesus.