Sharing Our Testimonies With Others

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

When we share our testimonies, they can not only release revival, but they also lead people to encounter Jesus.
Dave Harvey


Hi, I am Dave Harvey, the director of Increase Testimony, and welcome to God Today. Did you know that every believer in Jesus has a testimony inside of them? And that when we share our testimonies, they can not only release revival, but they also lead people to encounter Jesus. I love the story in the book of Luke where Jesus encounters the demon-possessed man. It said he had so many demons that chains couldn’t home him, and he was naked. And he was a complete pain to the city. But, Jesus Christ’s power set the man free, brought him back into his right mind, and he was completely a new man.


Sadly, in that story, we see the city rejected Jesus, which was absolutely strange. But, months later, Jesus returns to that region and we see something remarkable. We see the whole city comes out and is passionate to know Jesus. They invite Jesus in and revival breaks out. Here is what I believe happened. I believe the demon-possessed man, who is now a brand new creation, went from house to house, all through that city, and shared His testimony, and was a living testimony of the risen King Jesus. And it was His testimony that not only brought revival to that city, but it caused thousands of people to encounter Jesus.


This happened in my life when we moved to America. I remember the day I met my neighbor, and I told him I was here in a city to go to a ministry school at a certain church. Immediately as I said that it was like a wall came down between us. This man had been hurt because his daughter had a long-term illness.  He had been hurt by the church, he had a lot of injuries in his past. And immediately I was like, “God, why did you put me next to this guy? This is going to be so awkward.” 


As I went about my day, the Lord said this to me, “Dave, just share testimonies with him whenever you bump into him.” And so, once, or twice a week, I would lean over the fence, or I would pop over and visit. I would share with Him the testimonies that God was doing in the ministry school I was at. “Check this out!” I would say. And I would just tell him what God was doing.


After sharing testimonies with him for months, and months, and months, God visited this man in his sleep and delivered him and his family from two demons. And not only that, but afterward, his daughter was supernaturally healed of bronchial issues, and asthma and his wife had arthritis completely leave her neck, her shoulders, her hands, every part of her body. This man was so changed and his family was so changed, that today they run two houses that minister to young men and young women. They are passionate about Jesus Christ. 


Your testimony has the power to release revival today. I want you to ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of a testimony right now. And also, let’ ask the Holy Spirit for someone that we can share that testimony with today.


Let’s pray. Father, I pray right now, for everyone watching, that you would bring to memory a testimony from their past, that you want to release in their friends and family, or their workmates today. I pray, right now, not only that you remind them of these testimonies, but that you set them up with divine encounters and that people will step into revival and people will follow Jesus as a result of these testimonies. God bless you.