Prayer: The Most Powerful Weapon

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

We know now when we pray, He will do what we are praying because it is in His good and perfect will.
Jamie-Lyn Wallnau


Hi, my name is Jamie-Lyn Wallnau and I am the host of a podcast called Set Apart. This is God Today. I have an amazing story to share with you. I had the coolest dream years ago that totally changed my perspective on prayer. Are you ready?


One time, I was in a dream and I was running from the cops and I had no idea why I was running. I said, “What am I carrying that I don’t know I am carrying?” And I was looking for my dad, and looking for my dad, and finally, I found him. And I said, “Dad, Why are the cops running after me? What am I carrying that I don’t know that I am carrying?” And he said, “Jamie-Lyn, it is time for you to know what your most powerful weapon on earth is.” And I yelled, “Fire!” And he said, “No.” And this helmet came out of the sky and he put it on my head and he said, “Your most powerful weapon on earth is prayer.”


When I woke up from that dream it changed my perspective of what powerful weaponry is on earth. I realized that prayer is a relationship with God. Prayer is talking to Him, but it isn’t just talking to Him, it is also listening. When I listen to the Lord in prayer, I begin to hear His heart and what He wants to do on earth. Then I have the honor, as His daughter, to declare those things out loud. The best part is those people, or whatever He is asking me to pray for, may never know I am praying for them. And we get to pray until we see these things happen on earth as our Father said it would happen.


I want to encourage you today. Do you pray? And when you pray, do you also listen? When I go grab coffee with my friend, I don’t just talk the whole time. I want to get to know them, so I also listen to them. When I listen to them, I get to hear their heart and understand their nature. Then I understand when I am not with them, I understand their character so much, I could speak for them or tell you all about them. And trust their character nature. What I love about prayer is it takes us into the heart of God. It helps us understand His nature, it helps us understand His character. We know now when we pray, He will do what we are praying because it is in His good and perfect will.


I want to encourage you to pray, to listen, and to know you have so much power within you to release the Kingdom of Heaven. Father, we come before you and we thank you for prayer. We thank you for our relationship with you. I ask for you to take my friends deeper in your heart. Take me deeper in your heart. Help us hear, even more clearly, what you are saying. Help us, Holy Spirit, know that what you are saying has power. Help us believe in areas we don’t believe. Would you reveal your heart? Would you reveal the Father’s heart to us? Would you show us how we were made to pray, so uniquely and differently from one another, would you reveal to us, Holy Spirit, today, what we can pray? Would you reveal to us the power of prayer? And so, I thank you for changing our perspective into an aerial view of what prayer is, to release heaven on earth. In Jesus’ name.


I hope you enjoyed this message, my name is Jamie-Lyn Wallnau, and this is God Today.