Embracing The Holy Spirit’s Help

Friday, November 6th, 2020

...but rather we integrate Holy Spirit into our daily living to help us and to help us walk out the design that God has put in our hearts.
Sarah Bowling


Hey, hey! I am Sarah Bowling, thank you for watching God Today. Good to hang out with you. Do you ever need help? Haha! I am the poster child for help. Actually, just to be really honest with you, I tend to be really independent and I don’t like nor do I want help. I like to do it myself. Have you ever had kids that tell you, “Do it myself! Myself!”? I tend to be that way, I like to do it myself. I like to travel myself, I am married, I have three kids, but man, I am highly independent and I take pride in my independence.


But, the problem with being independent is that I am not easily given to asking or recognizing that I need help. That’s a problem. You’re like, “No, it’s not, that’s a fantastic strength.” Yes. Except that I do need help. And I said that at the very beginning, “I am the poster child for help.” Because I have come to the conclusion when Jesus said in John 14:16, “I have asked the father and He will give you another helper and He may be with you forever.” Hello! That is the Holy Spirit. Spirit of truth. And when I am so independent, so hyper independent, I don’t need help. Then sometimes that is a way of not embracing and accepting Holy Spirit helping me, being my helper. 


And when I started to recognize, “Hey, I might be repelling divine help by my hyper independence.” I started to say, “Wait a second. Maybe I need help. Maybe I could use some divine help in my marriage. Right? How I relate to my husband. How I connect, and communicate, and interface with him. Maybe I need help as a mom. When I raised my kids, I have three teenagers and I love them dearly. And they are teenagers. Holy buckets! That’s help right there, inherently! I have come to appreciate that Holy Spirit is my helper and I want to encourage you. Today, Holy Spirit can be, wants to be, by divine design, definition…help. Help. I like to say I believe Holy Spirit’s nickname is help.


So, when I was driving the other day, I was almost in a car wreck. I was like, “Help! Help me, Holy Spirit!” I don’t have all the time and the words to say that so I just say “Help!” And Holy Spirit shows up. Shows up to help me with wisdom. Shows up to help me and say, “Hey, do this.” The other day I had a super busy day, I feel like Holy Spirit said, “You need to pack for this upcoming trip, you need to pack now.” I could have said, “No, I can wait till later.” But I recognize Holy Spirit is helping me.


Holy Spirit is our helper. Not only in supernatural ways, but also in very, very practical ways. Practical ways with our time. Practical ways in how we use our resources, our finances, our money, our time, our energies. And really organizing our lives. This is who Holy Spirit is. I would encourage you, as well. Helps you in your relationships, helps you with truth about yourselves, Jesus says that. Holy Spirit will lead you into truth, Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth. Holy Spirit will remind you of what Jesus has said. Holy Spirit has reminded me not only of what Jesus said but of lots of things. Reminding me, “Hey, Sarah don’t forget to do this. You need this and this.” Super, super helpful because that is who Holy Spirit is.


If you are thinking, “I don’t know, Holy Spirit seems kind of misty, kind of ethereal, misty, out there, foggy, cloudy, spirity.” Just be encouraged Holy Spirit is very practical and dialed into helping us in our daily existence, daily living. Helping us with decisions, helping us in how to navigate, helping us even with supernatural stuff.  Helping us with our character. You know, if you think about Holy Spirit, we have the gifts of Holy Spirit, we have the fruit of Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Holy Spirit talks about our character. That character is a consequence of fellowship. Connecting, asking Holy Spirit, “Hey, let’s have some conversations, let’s have some fellowship around who you are and you speaking into my life.” 


Let’s remember, too, Holy Spirit has gifts. All kinds of supernatural stuff, we read about those on 1 Corinthians 12. Holy Spirit is our help in both our character, as well as the supernatural, as well as helping us navigate daily living. Helping us again with our marriages, helping us with our kids. Helping us, maybe, with some aging parents. That can be a challenge too. But when we ask for help, then we invite Holy Spirit to participate, to engage with our lives and this is a way we don’t resist, we don’t reject, we don’t repel. It is all very important for us to welcome heavenly help, divine help. So that we are not hyper independent and we disconnect from God, but rather we integrate Holy Spirit into our daily living to help us and to help us walk out the design that God has put in our hearts. Thanks so much for watching. I am Sarah Bowling with God Today.