What Blocks Us From God?

Monday, November 9th, 2020

God started to show me the things that block me from Him and block you from Him, that happen all throughout the day.
Jeanne Nigro


Hi, I’m Jeanne Nigro, author and speaker, and founder of Jeanne Nigro Ministries. Welcome to God Today.  Today we are going to be talking about God blockers. We all want to grow closer to God, yet there are things that block us from Him, that we don’t even realize. They happen all throughout the day. Have you ever thought, “That person is so much more spiritual than I am,” or, “If only I could quit my job and just sit on a mountaintop and pray all day, then I could be close to God”?


I know I used to feel that way.  Until God started to show me the things that block me from Him and block you from Him, that happen all throughout the day.  One of those things is stress. That happens all day long, yet it is a God blocker. Unforgiveness. Being down on yourself. Having negative thoughts about yourself.  Having negative thoughts and being critical about other people. Even if you’re right and they are wrong, we sometimes say, “Oh, we are justified in feeling that way.”  Have you ever felt justified in being hurt? Justified in being angry? Justified in not liking someone? The problem is that the enemy still gets ground there. The enemy doesn’t step back and say, “Oh, wait.  You are justified. I won’t get involved.” He wants to get involved – he is a squatter – any way he can. 


I think the key, in so many things in life, and definitely in being close to God – is to recognize those things I would call “God blockers”.  They are the day to day – not big things. Of course, big things, big sins do block us from Him. But, it is moment by moment. Let’s pray and ask God to show us the moment by moment things that happen that seem part of life, that are actually God blockers.


Lord God, I want to draw closer to you.  I know you love me. I know you have more for my life.  Show me those things that block me from you. Those things I Have been acting out of that I don’t even realize, I just think are a part of normal life.  Frustrations. Frustrations with people. God, help me to recognize those things and confess them and give them over to you. I don’t want anything to block me from you.  Thank you that you desire for closeness and intimacy with me. In Yeshua’s name. Amen.