Activating Your True Identity

Sunday, November 29th, 2020

You are not waiting for God to point those people out. He is waiting for you to step in and let Him reveal what the need is. You will be able to bring a solution.
Robby Dawkins


Hi, I am Robby Dawkins, and welcome to God Today. I am so happy to be here. My ministry, Robby Dawkins Ministries, has been something that has been about equipping and raising people up. And here is the thing I think that the Lord really wants to equip you and raise you up. So many times, we stop and we are thinking, “God, when are you going to send something my way? When are you going to send an opportunity my way? When are you going to give me a break like you have given so and so a break?” The reality is that God is doing that all around you, all day long, all the time.


You are not waiting for God to set you up for something. I have people all the time that are like, “When is the Lord going to give me somebody to share the gospel with? Everybody around you is that person to share the gospel with. It’s not about waiting for God to release something to you. It’s about us taking what God has given us, activating the power and the authority that He has released to us, and when we do that, we are stepping into that identity that He has given us as a son and daughter of Almighty God. It is not about just waiting for things to come. But, when we step out, we activate that power, that authority, that true identity He has given to us.


One day, I was out on the street, and a friend of mine who had been – used to be a great evangelist in stepping out and praying for the sick, just random people on the street, giving prophetic words. But he kind of let it grow dormant. That happens to us, right? That is a part of what happens in life. We get distracted, we get up on other things. He told me, he said, “Robby, would you take me out? I want to get activated in this again. I want to get re-engaged with this.” And so we did. We stepped out and he said, “Are we going to any place in particular?” And I said, “We are going anywhere there are people.”


You see, sometimes we think we have to have, again, that sort of directive. But really, what we do is we just seize the opportunity that is all around us. Step into an opportunity that God is already working on. Why? Because God is working all around us. Everywhere. All the time. When we step up to a person, what we start to look for is, “What is God doing with that individual? With that person?” 


Well, we stopped this guy who was coming out of a bank. And I stopped him and  I said, “Hey, listen, my friend and I are just looking for people to bless just to show how much God loves them and cares about them. And just to show them that He really is real and that He wants a relationship with them.” And I said, “Can we pray for you?” And the guy goes, “I can’t think of anything I need prayer for.” I said, “Do you have any financial needs? Do you have any relational needs? Is there anything going on in your body that you need healing for?” I said, “Literally, we will pray for anything. How can we pray for you?” And he goes, “Honestly, there is nothing I can think of.” I said, “Can we just bless you?” He said, “Yes.” We started praying, “Lord, would you bless him?” But the whole time we are going, “Lord, would you show us what is really happening with this guy?” All of a sudden, I said, “Do you have a brother?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Is he on the verge of a divorce?” And he said, “Yes.” I said, “Is he going through a divorce because of financial problems? And he said, “Yes.” And I said, “As a matter of fact,  are you struggling with financial problems?” And he said, “Yes.” Now, we had asked him all of those things before. Never be distracted by people’s answers. Always try to go for the God encounter and let God reveal what the real answer is. 


So, he is like, “Yes, I have that thing.” But everything was just sort of, “Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.” There was nothing really getting to the heart. Finally, I looked at my friend, and he was making a squinted face, looking really serious. And I said, “Do you have a word for this guy?” And he said, “No, no. I don’t have anything for this guy. And I said, “I think you do.” He goes, “No, I don’t!” I said, “Please just say it. Whatever it is..” And he goes, “I don’t have a word, I see a picture.”  I said, “Give the picture!” He said, “I just see a pink elephant with purple polka dots.” Immediately, I was like, “Oh dear, God. How am I going to take a pink elephant with purple polka dots and make it spiritual?”


And so, I turned and looked at the guy and the guy was crying. And I am like, “No way! There is no way that this makes sense to this guy.” I am sitting there saying all these things. It is the right information but it really isn’t connecting with his heart. But a pink elephant with purple polka dots is connecting with the guy’s heart. I looked at him and said, “What does this story mean to you?: He said, “When I was a little boy I had a plush toy and I loved that toy. I slept with it, I carried it with me all the time, but when I was 10-years-old, my father took it and said, “This toy is for girls and sissies.” And he threw it in the fire and he burned it. And he said, “I have never forgiven my father for that. And I have grieved that pink elephant with purple polka dots ever since. I looked at him and I said, “What do you think God is saying to you?” And he goes, “God is saying to me that He knows me, and He loves me, and He cares about the things I care about. And I said, “Yea! That is what God is saying to you!” I said, “Would you like to receive a relationship with that God that knows you that well?” And he said, “Yes.” Right there, my friend prayed with him and led him to Christ.


Here is my point guys – those situations are around you all day long. You are not waiting for God to point those people out. He is waiting for you to step in and let Him reveal what the need is. You will be able to bring a solution. The great revival that your city, your area is waiting for is standing in your shoes right now. It is you. Step and do that. And watch God show up. Again, I am Robby Dawkins. And this is God Today.