Experiencing The Rain Of Heaven

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Out of the midst of some of the darkest clouds we face in life comes the rain of Heaven. 
Dale Mast


Welcome to God Today, my name is Dale Mast.  I want to speak to you and I want to speak to your heart today by the Spirit of God.  I want to release a prophetic picture. I feel there are clouds and I am saying this in my spirit.  They seem dark and foreboding. But what I am seeing is coming is a gentle rain. I just want to speak to you – that out of the midst of some of the darkest clouds we face in life comes the rain of Heaven.  It is an incredible mystery. It is miraculous. I want to speak that the dark clouds that are over you right now – the Father God is “raining” His life through.

 I saw this in the Spirit, some of you – it is changing a relationship, it is changing even a circumstance around you.  I also heard the word, “God is breaking a drought with this rain from Heaven.” There is going to be a miraculous effect through it.  When God starts to move in great ways, it is only because we have a great problem. How many of you want to have great miracles? We raise our hands.  You cannot have a great miracle unless you have a great problem that is about to kill you, crush you. Do you really still want a great miracle? If you read the fine print, you signed up for it already if you made Jesus the Lord of your life.

Great miracles come to people with great problems.  That is where God gets to glorify Himself. I want you to think of the greatest problem you have today.  The darkest cloud. I want you to start seeing that God is “raining”. Remember, God never parted the sea until the Egyptians were about to kill the Israelites.  God always makes a way of escape, but the pressure before it, none of us really like. Look for that place that has been heavy to your heart, a contradiction. Believe him for His greatness to literally make a way for you.  I say the rain of Heaven is falling on your day. Watch seeds you’ve planted in the past start to grow. This is a day to see the deliverance of God who is for you. God bless you.