Choose The Good Life With God

Friday, December 11th, 2020

This side has everything you are looking for. Jesus Christ, He did it all for you.
Shirley Seger


Hi, I am Shirley Seger, and welcome to God Today. Today, I am going to share with you all about choices. I want to ask you a question, really quickly, and I want you to think about this. How many choices do you think that you make in a single day? An average adult. I am just going to give you a minute. I want you to think, I want you to come up with a number off the top of your head. Everyone that I have asked has said anything for one day between 300 and 3,500 choices a day. Did it surprise you? It did me. When I found out all over the web that the average adult will make 35,000 choices a day.


Now, I found that very hard to believe. So I went to Oral Robert’s site. And I went to everybody’s site and they all agreed. 35,000 choices. And think about it. When you get up in the morning, you go, “What am I going to wear? Should I brush my teeth now or after breakfast? What am I going to eat for breakfast? Do I want an orange or an apple? Where is my husband going, I wonder? Should I go with him or stay here?” On, and on, and on, and on. To the color of your sheets, should I make the bed? Should I not make the bed? 


Every second of the day, you are making a decision. Think about it. I mean, the Lord has given us free will. And He allows us to make the choice we want. He gave it to Adam and Eve, He gave it to us. And I am here today to tell you that God is intimately involved in every single one of your 35,000 choices. I am going to give you an illustration of this because I went to Hollywood because I thought I wanted to be a big Hollywood producer. I was there for a while, and I was walking in the world. I was being called a good person, but they knew me as being the one who is on the God squad. So, I never left God, but then I would touch into the Church and the Kingdom, and then I would go back into the world and experiment, and all this stuff. So, I was really in a bad place. And God got pretty sick of it. 


He woke me up and being the seer that I am, He woke me up one morning and He gave me this vision. And in the vision, I was walking on a very narrow fence between two backyards. Each of the backyards had a swimming pool. On the left-hand side, was my typical Hollywood party. It was full of beautiful people, pounding music, plenty of drugs, plenty of alcohol. And people just all striving for something. There was that atmosphere of striving. I was like, “That looks fun! Who is there?” And then I looked over to the right and it was the same kind of situation with a pool. The pool shapes were identical. But that pool had the most incredible water in it that I had ever seen. I mean it sparkled and shined like glitter. Then there were sparks of light. That water was alive. I was so fascinated by that water. I would have just jumped off and gone and investigated. I had to know what that water was. It felt like it was beckoning to me.


When I saw there were just two people on lounge chairs reading Bibles, I wasn’t quite there yet when there was a Hollywood party going on. So, I gave my attention here, and then I heard behind me a voice saying, “Choose.” Choose. Well, I looked at the water which really fascinated me, but this looked really fun. So, I prepared to jump off and join the party, when a hand grabbed me from behind and said, “Just look a little closer.”

I looked over there and when I looked back over to my left, my spiritual eyes opened. And I watched a man dive. A beautiful man dives into the swimming pool of glitter. A little bit of glitter, not as pretty as that one, but it was glitter water. Now, my spiritual eyes have been opened. He dove into the water and as he parted the water, swimming through it, I can see what was under that glitter. And this man came up, splashed his face with the water, and he had no idea that he was swimming in the sewer covered with glitter. Then my eyes startled open to two beautiful young little starlet girls. And they were participating in drugs. As they inhaled the drugs their young vital, beauty faded from their face like butter in the sun. But needless to say, that freaked me out so badly that I jumped off the fence, into the pool on the right. And the moment my body hit that water a power surged through my body, of love and peace as I had never known. Did you know that in my life, that’s what I was looking for? That love and that peace. And the most remarkable thing was, as my hand went through the water like that, blackness came out of my body until I was completely clean. I have lived in peace in the Lord’s presence since then. And sitting by a pool, reading my Bible is the most incredibly fun thing I have ever found to do.


I just want to encourage you. If you are seeking, and we all are seeking, you are not going to find it there. I spent many years there. It is not there. In fact, it robs you of your peace. It robs you of your love. It robs you. It holds a little carrot over you and it never fulfills itself. This side has everything you are looking for. Jesus Christ, He did it all for you. Oh, I just…I am so excited to see you come to knowledge too. I just want to pray for you now. Lord, there are many, many choices that we make in this world. And I am speaking just directly to my brothers and my sisters. I want them to know that you have it all. I want them to know you as you showed me. Now, I am looking at every single one of you, and everyone who heard that prayer knows this: if you accept that prayer that Jesus is going to come into your life in a way that you have never experienced before. I can’t wait to meet you. God bless you all.