Setting Your Mind On Things Above

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

If you are going through something, set your affection on things above. I want you to respond from that place where your mind is set - not on earthly things - on heavenly things.
Rob Radosti


Hi, I am Rob Radosti, founder of Church 14. You can find me on Facebook @RobRadosti. Welcome to God Today. Today I want to pose a question to you. Is it actually finished? You know, people around the world preach the gospel every Sunday, and on mission trips, and we talk about how Jesus finished it, He took our diseases. What exactly did He finish?

He bought us out of the slave market of sin and death. Right? But what I want to talk to you about that coincides with the question is, what do you do, and you might be dealing with this today when you know it is finished? You know we have been bought out of the slave market of sin, death, and sickness, and disease. But you don’t necessarily see that reality manifesting around you in your present life. Or at least in the natural setting. How do we respond to that? 


In Colossians 3:2, it tells us to set our affection on things above. Not on earthly things. And so, one of the things I learned and I am going to share a story with you. In 2015, I learned all about this when my son was diagnosed with a high-risk leukemia blood cancer. This is our firstborn son, prophet Bob Jones had laid his hands on him and dedicated him when he was born. We were in full-time ministry and we were just going after the gospel. Suddenly, our four-year-old son gets diagnosed with this high-risk blood cancer. I am sitting there in the hospital room and the nurse tells me what is going on. I knew I had to make a decision right then and there. Am I going to react according to what I see in my natural surroundings? Or am I going to respond from where I know my mind should be set? In heavenly places, on things above. Am I going to respond from that place? I chose right then and there, I am going to see “it is finished” be made manifest in this natural reality that I see before me. I am going to respond from where I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. I am going to have my mind set on things above regardless of what the doctors are telling me and my wife about our son. 


I began to put that into practice. I am telling you – when you act out in the opposite spirit, it begins to cultivate the faith of Jesus, working on the inside of you and it is really exciting. A few months into that journey, my son had lost all of his hair. He had a mask on his face and there were other sick children coming in and out of the hospital. And he wanted to pray, a 4-year old, he wanted to pray for these other small children that had cancers and diseases, and they were dying. We saw some of them healed. We saw a boy with tumors in his stomach healed. And we saw a little boy with a brain tumor healed. Yet, my son was there with a mask and no hair on his head. 


I remember people coming to me at different events I was speaking at and they were saying, “I have lost faith in God for healing because of what your son is going through.” I’d say, “Don’t let our situation determine your faith in God. Just stand with us.” We can’t stop, that’s what the enemy wants, especially when we have that type of opposition. The enemy would love for you to stop believing for healing and stop laying hands on the sick.


My little 4-year-old son was an example to me at that time. I had almost lost my faith. It was hard for me to go lay hands on people for healing when I saw my own son suffering. But because of the faith, I saw operating in him, I said, “You know what? No. We have a torch to run with, we are going to do this!” 


Listen, I want to encourage you. If you are going through something, set your affection on things above. I want you to respond from that place where your mind is set – not on earthly things – on heavenly things. You will see the reality of “it is finished” begin to manifest in the natural setting that is around you. It might not be exactly as you like, or the timeline exactly that you want. But I am telling you – act out in the opposite spirit. If sickness is trying to attack your family, act out in the opposite spirit. Lay hands on more people, go after that stuff. If lack is trying to attack you, give generously. Act out in the opposite spirit. That is the key to setting your affection on things above. Jesus would act out in the opposite spirit of that which confronted Him. I am telling you – you are going to see change and His faith, and His fire bubble up in you. It is going to be amazing. I hope this has encouraged you. 


Father, in Jesus’ name, I pray for every viewer right now. I thank you, Lord, that they are acting out in the opposite spirit in faith. Whatever it is, Lord, that you are teaching them, tutoring them, set their affection on things above, not on earthly things. That they can truly declare, without any reservation, without any doubt, it really is finished. Whether I see it yet or not. I am going to pull this reality into the earthly plain. In Jesus’ name, let it be in their lives as it is in heaven. In the mighty name of Jesus, Lord we thank you. Bless them today. We love you guys, thank you for tuning into God Today. I am Rob Radosti.