The Accelerated Promises Of God

Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

We have just been seeing God really move powerfully.  It is almost like something has been in the oven almost ready.
Brian Guerin


Hi, I’m Brian Guerin with Bridal Glory International, welcome to God Today.  I’m excited to come to you right now with something we have been seeing really powerfully at this time.  I like to call it “the accelerated promises of God”. This comes out of Jeremiah 1:11-12. You see, where the Lord looks to Jeremiah.  He was a seer prophet. The Lord says, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” Jeremiah says, “I see an almond branch.” The Lord says, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching over my promises now to fulfill them.”


I tell you we have been seeing this, and even being released in meetings.  It is a big difference from, say Habakkuk 2, where it says, “God’s promises, though they may tarry, wait for them for they shall surely come to pass.”  We know there are times and seasons for those as well. You see, Isaac, the promise to Abraham that took years and seasons, but it is a big difference in the hour of Jeremiah 1 where God says, “The almond branch, now I am watching over my promises to fulfill them.”  The almond branch, when it sprouts its fruit, it comes forth quickly.


I could hold you here forever with testimonies, but I want to pray for you guys for a rapid release of those prophetic words you have had that have been on delay, promises.  We have seen this across the board: relational with marriages healed, financial breakthrough, healing, you name it. We have just been seeing God really move powerfully. It is almost like something has been in the oven almost ready.  When it is about done to come out, this is Jeremiah 1:11-12. Its promises are being accelerated and fulfilled. Just receive. God, I thank you for the listener right now. In Jesus’ name, I pray for accelerated promises over your life. Breakthrough I speak in every area: financial, relational, emotional, complete healing right now in Jesus’ name.  The fulfillment of the promises of God, rapidly right now. For your glory, in Jesus’ name. Amen.