The Final Step

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

...there are two doors, you always remember to go to the right one. But you have to prepare yourself there. Just surrender and Jesus does all the rest. God bless you.
Shirley Seger


Hello, my name is Shirley Seger. Welcome to God Today. Today I am going to talk to you about the final step of your life. There are two places, two doors that can actually go through. Let’s hypothetically take a look at this. Let’s say that we are standing in line for judgment. Okay. And what I see is the gentleman in front of me, he walks up to the throne and he says, “If I am going to be judged by my good works on the earth if I am going to be judged by you, because I didn’t come into your Church and pray to you and praise you, then I don’t care because I don’t want anything to do with a God that demands to be worshipped like that. In fact, get me out of here.” 


Then I looked up at the Lord’s face, and a single tear went down His cheek. You have to understand that no matter what if they love you or they don’t…God – He loves them. He loves HIs enemies, He loves your enemies, He is a God of love and He made them all, and He loves them all. And every man on this planet has a breath from God or He is not walking. When you take your last breath on earth, the breath I believe, this is my thought, is that the breath that was breathed into Adam by God, when he was created, every man since has had this same thing. It’s like a little spark from God’s heart. And it is placed inside of you. It is called the Spirit. And when you pass on, no matter which door you go through. You go through this door and you enter into eternal separation from God. Or, you go through this door and you see your Lord face to face. It doesn’t matter. That spark will always come back to the Lord’s heart. And you will have to give account for what you did with that power that was put inside of you.


Now, I watched in the Spirit, I saw that this man…I saw him go to the left side and get out of here. He walked away from mercy, a tear went down the Lord’s face and he called back the spark. And when called back the spark, it was a time when he would do no more. The man had made his decision. That man went through the door on the left. When he opened the door, he banged on the door and said, “Get me out of here! Let me in!” That’s how you go to hell. God doesn’t send people to hell. They send themselves through their decisions. The only thing I can remember seeing in this vision was hearing his piercing screams as that door opened and snatched him in. 


And the next person in line was me. Okay. My knees are probably shaking really, really badly. My entire life was displayed on the ceiling dome. I could see everything I did and so could everybody else. All the bad things I had ever done and all the good things. All were up there on the dome for everyone to see. And then I looked into the eyes of the almighty God. He looked right into me and His eyes went through me and probed my entire body, my entire soul until He got to the cavity inside of me where He found His Son and the Holy Spirit. Do you know when He got that far, that the entire dome turned crimson red? My sins were erased forever. Not only were they erased forever, but they were also erased forever from everyone who laid eyes on that dome of what I did in my life and what I didn’t. 


And then, it suddenly turned bright gold. And I heard behind me an angel say, “See, the color of salvation?” Oh, you have to know. There is a door that goes on a very wide path. And it is wide open. And many take that path. And the door to the right side of paradise is very thin. Very narrow. Study your Word. Examine your life. Go to the right. Go to the right. Because God doesn’t want to see anyone take the wrong door. Okay? So there are two doors, you always remember to go to the right one. But you have to prepare yourself there. Just surrender and Jesus does all the rest. God bless you.